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Celluloid Tunes RE-LAUNCH

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Big changes ahead for Celluloid Tunes, the Norwegian film music webcast with lots of English content as well (interviews with people like James Horner, James Newton Howard, Elliot Goldenthal, Cliff Martinez, Patrick Doyle, Giorgio Moroder, Alan Silvestri, George Fenton, Christophe Beck, Danny Elfman).


The relaunch itself is next week, and I'll post an update about the contents and new features here then. Meanwhile, here's a teaser we've made, with a new, specially composed intro theme by Eirik Myhr (a potpurri of a few famous film music "sounds"):



(once the new site is live, I'll go back posting new episodes in the official CT thread...I just wanted to create a new thread for this specific occasion so that it wouldn't be buried in a thread that I don't think many read; hope that is OK with the powers-that-be -- if not, feel free to merge).



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Not that anbody cares, but we're now LIVE!


Check it out at http://celluloidtunes.no/


Would love it if some of you would visit and perhaps even post in our forum.


Here's the welcoming message that I also posted on the site:


Celluloid Tunes turns 5 this year, and so we felt it was time to do some renovation; some improvements that push us towards our desired potential. We no longer wish to limit ourselves to being the only film music webcast in Norway, we also want a fullfledged site and a more active forum for film music communication.


What does this entail?


* A brand new design by Malte Müller. This is now a dynamic site that should look good, whether you’re at a computer, tablet or smartphone. Categories and material in Norwegian and English should now be easier to see and access.


* We also launch an article section, which consists of soundtrack reviews, concert reports and movie reviews. As of now only in Norwegian, but we aim to have English material eventually. For this purpose, we’ve recruited two Norwegian film music experts – Sigbjørn Vindenes Egge og Nils Jacob Holt Hanssen.


* We have our own discussion forum (both in Norwegian and English). I hope you log in and partake in any film music-related discussions.


* Right before the relaunch, we introduced a teaser with our brand new, specially composed opening theme – written by Eirik Myhr. A lovely potpurri of famous film music sounds that premieres in episode 55.


* We will continue to publish webcasts of high quality, hopefully more frequently than we’ve done in the last year. Including many interesting guests and interviewees.


* Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.


We hope you like the new format, and look forward to fruitful interaction with our listeners and readers. And we hope you will share this page in your social media so we can reach a larger audience; that would be immensely appreciated.




Malte, Nils, Sigbjørn and Thor Joachim

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Wow. Yeah, that's pretty cool. Eirik was amused, as he's never heard this before.


By the way, I'm not thin-skinned. I'll take any criticism of the site -- negative or positive.

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JWFAN is probably the most active film music forum I know of. Any chance I could ask some of you to use that activity to at least stop by in Celluloid Tunes' English forum once in a while? If nothing else, pop by to say hello? That would be awesome. :) 


Direct link here: http://celluloidtunes.no/forums/forum/english/


If not, I'm not offended.

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None of you have stopped by my ENGLISH-LANGUAGE forum (that I can see), but I'm still hoping some of you will:


Meanwhile, we have a lot of new reviews up, if you can understand Norwegian or want to use Google Translate:



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