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What are your favorite shots in a movie?

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Someone made a site where you can explore individual frames from several critically acclaimed, visually interesting movies. He started out exclusively featuring Kubrick films, but has since branched out and added other films like The Godfather, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Blade Runner 2049, and La La Land. There is also a "grid" feature that can be used to further examine the composition and layout of a frame. Example:





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51 minutes ago, Richard said:

2049. The new fragrance, by Paco Rabane.

Although I much admire Deakins' work, he tried a little too hard, with this one. It's as if he was trying to impress people. I didn't get that, with Cronenweth.


It's because the images are very clean and clear, which is something both Villeneuve and Deakins like. Scott, at the time, went for a very busy look, filling and layering the stage with lots of props.

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On 12/13/2018 at 2:24 PM, Brónach said:

I like that they didn't exactly photocopy the look of the older movie.


You're right. It's not a copy and yet there's enough references to the first movie to make a visual link. Though, I have to say, the lighting in the fast food place where officer K is being approached by three woman is of questionable quality. Like a cheap TV show trying to be Blade Runner-ish. If I was on the set, I would have said: Denis, this is Blade Runner, you'll have to try harder.








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