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Top 10 film/tv/game songs of the 21st century?

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For me, it is these ten songs that represents the peak of the media songs of the 21st century so far - most of the songs are from the television scoring world - anime specifically:










Placeholder for a A.R. Rahman song - I can't decide which one to pick now, but one of his songs surely belong in the top 10. I dug this one, but it is probably not his best:



And finally, the three The Lord of the Rings songs - I really like all three of them, even the Enya one - I know am cheating a bit here counting all three songs as one entry, only linking to one of them.



Edit: I totally forgot about Frida - a good one, not sure which one to remove so I will just leave it like this.




Other than these ten (with some cheating), there have been some good ones, but nothing as good as these ten that I know of. If I was forced to pick one favourite, a number one of the top 10, it would probably be a battle between Inner Universe and Battlecry.


But I might have missed something, that is a part of the reason why I am wondering what you would single out as the top 10 media songs (from film, television or games) of the 21st century so far.


What would your top 10 media (film, television or game) songs of the 21st century look like?

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A few of them you posted are new to me. I also liked the Casino Royale Bond song, but not enough for it to make my top 10. I forgot about the Mulholland Drive song (underrated score that one too), that one is near the top as well for me.

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