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What was Jerry Goldsmith's synth gear? (later 90s)

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Hello Guys,


 SO I am working on something and would love to know what gear Jerry Goldsmith used in the later 90s. More specifically around (1998) Small Soldiers and the (1999) The Mummy. Anybody have any ideas?



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Goldsmith was a loyal Yamaha fan and I remember reading somewhere (I think it could've been Fred Karlin's On the Score) that around The Sum of All Fears he was recording his prelayed tracks with a Yamaha synth, although I can't specify what. I know he had a SY77 on early 90s scores like Total Recall, Basic Instict and The River Wild, and it could've been that, but Jerry being the notorious gearhead he was, he probably kept up with the latest toys. For the late 90s, maybe something like the FS1R, CS1x or AN1x?





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