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Michael Giacchino's Jurassic World vs John Powell's Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Which is the better dino-score?  

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  1. 1. Which is the better dino-score?

    • Jurassic World (Giacchino)
    • Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Powell)

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Vote now. Humor me. :P

One album suffers from including source music for whatever reason, while the other album has tracks split up like crazy so you have to properly combine them when uploading to one's digital library.

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Rest assured, this thread is just me being silly and a bit of an in-joke. Back when Jurassic World was coming out, I was listening to DotD on a whim and grandpa walked in assuming I was listening to Giacchino's new score, and was disappointed to be told otherwise. Ever since that amusing misunderstanding, I subconsciously compare the two works just for fun.

No serious, genuine comparison between the two scores is being requested. 

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2 minutes ago, Breadstick Basilisk said:

lol nice Holst reference.


When Powell's not Vaughan Williams, Powell's gotta Holst :lol:


The part from 1:19 to 2:10 is absolute brilliance for me


As is the percussive frenzy at 3:20

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