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Marian Schedenig

"Forget your password?" broken?

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I was trying to log in to the forum on my phone while queuing for Vienna Philharmonic tickets on Monday. Apparently I've messed up and put the wrong password in my password management tool, because I can't log in with that one. I tried the "Forgot your password?" feature several times and was promised I'd get a password reset email, but none arrived. I did check my spam folder, and the email address is correct (trying a different one tells me that there's no matching account).


Do my emails get blocked somewhere, or is the feature completely dead? Luckily I'm logged in permanently on my main computer, but even here I can't change the password without the old one.

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I'm still having problems with this. Apparently, the board refuses to send emails to any of my email addresses at @gmx.net, @gmx.at, @gmail.com and my own domain. I never received them - spam filters are disabled, and I've checked the spam folder. I even tried registering a new account with these addresses - but the confirmation emails never arrived. It's as if all of my addresses have somehow been blacklisted on the server side.

For the past few months, that wasn't a big issue because I still had my logged in session at my home PC (it meant that I couldn't post anything on my laptop while in London though). But today I got a new PC, and will be retiring the old one shortly, so I tried once more to fix it. Ended up setting another account (this one). I used a temporary email address for this first, where I actually did receive the confirmation email. I then tried to use the same email for my old account, in the hopes of being able to reset my password that way. Somehow that ended up logging me in as the new account, and thus out of my original account - my last logged in session, lost. Now I can't access the board as "Marian Schedenig" anymore at all.

I'll have to use this temporary account for now (I changed the email address from the temp address to my work address). I would very much like to revert to my old account though.

Help me, moderator team. You're my only hope. Can you please help me recover the password to my "Marian Schedenig" account, either by fixing whatever is blocking the emails from reaching me (if it is on the server side - at least I can't figure out where there could be a problem on my side), or by changing it to a different email address that works so I can reset it myself (you'd have to contact me so we can work out which address to use - either using the email registered in my old account, or via Facebook if we're connected). Thanks.

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