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Star Trek TOS (TV) soundtracks and re-recordings before LLL

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The LLL set is expensive and encyclopedic. Here is what was out before then—three soundtrack albums and four suites/re-recordings, probably the way to go for a little light listening!


Suites 1
Suites 2
Re-recording 1
Re-recording 2


Alexander Courage
The Cage (OST 1)
Where No Man Has Gone Before (OST 1)
The Naked Time (OST 3)


Fred Steiner
Charlie X (Re-recording 1)
Mudd's Women (Re-recording 1)
The Corbomite Maneuver (Re-recording 1) (Best 2)

Balance of Terror (Best 2)

What Are Little Girls Made Of (Best 2)
Mirror, Mirror (Re-recording 2)
By Any Other Name (Re-recording 2)


Sol Kaplan
The Enemy Within (Suites 2)
The Doomsday Machine (Re-recording 1) (OST 2)


Joseph Mullendore
The Conscience of the King (Suites 2)

“Theme From Star Trek - Lounge Mix” from The Conscience of the King (Best 2)


Gerald Fried
Shore Leave (OST 3)
Amok Time (OST 2)
The Paradise Syndrome (Suites 1)


Samuel Matlovsky
I, Mudd (Suites 2)


Jerry Fielding
The Trouble With Tribbles (Re-recording 2) (Best 1)
Spectre of the Gun (Suites 2)


George Duning
Is There in Truth No Beauty? (Suites 1)
The Empath (Re-recording 2)


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There are two "best of Star Trek" releases by GNP that also have TOS music. The Trible With Tribbles, Corbomite Manuever, Balance Of Terror andWhat are Little Girls Made Of.







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You guys don't like Fielding's Trouble with Tribbles? I think it's a bunch of fun! I was very glad to have that suite from it before LLL's box rendered it redundant. Of course Fielding's other score for the series was even better.



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I find TOS music to be of consistently very high quality and thoroughly enjoy listening to it.  Especially the symphonic suites showcasing them in longer form but the music was very high quality.

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Good news, everyone! I’ve found another concert arrangement which has been recorded twice, that I know of. It’s called “The Menagerie Suite,” and it’s an arrangement of Alexander Courage’s “The Cage.” Erich Kunzel recorded it with Cincinnati Pops in 1984, and it was again recorded in 2000 by Nic Raine and the City of Prague Philharmonic.


Time Warp
Space 3


I dug them up the YouTubes, so, check them out. I’ve started the videos after the TOS Title Theme, so you’ll have to go back a bit if you really want to listen to that again.




So I did end up buying the LLL TOS set. I mean, let’s be real. There was no point in buying small selections of the original recordings piecemeal, and still end up with something far short of definitive. I’m loving the LLL TOS set, but, I’m still interested in the re-recordings. For one thing, the TV recordings are almost all mono (“The City on the Edge of Forever” is the only one which exists in stereo). And the orchestras were small. And the cues are short. The re-recordings are still perhaps the way to go for an optimal listening experience. Here are some more Youtube videos I’ve found, from Fred Steiner’s re-recordings:


Charlie X, by Fred Steiner


Mudd's Women, by Fred Steiner


The Corbomite Maneuver, by Fred Steiner


The Doomsday Machine, by Sol Kaplan


Mirror, Mirror, by Fred Steiner


The Trouble with Tribbles, by Jerry Fielding


By Any Other Name, by Fred Steiner



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