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Favorite Apes composer?

Which damn dirty composer did the best monkey melodies?  

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  1. 1. Which Apes composer earns a golden banana?

    • Jerry Goldsmith
    • Leonard Rosenman
    • Tom Scott
    • Danny Elfman
    • Patrick Doyle
    • Michael Giacchino

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I guess I'll have to rank 'em!


1. Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Goldie - I've always loved the 70s monkey funk of this score. When I bought the old Varese for PotA about 15+ years ago, I mostly just listened to the Escape suite - it helped me escape.


2. Planet of the Apes, Elfman - to me, this is among the last of Elfman's scores when he was on a roll. The music itself is a bit simplistic, but he hits those drums harder than a chimp throwing poo!


3. Planet of the Apes, Goldie - tis good.


4. Beneath the..., Rosie - this one's underrated, glory be to the bomb!


5. Conquest of..., Scotty - great for the awesome main title.


6. Battle for..., Rosie - I don't mind it. Again, a great main title.


7. War for..., Cappuccino - dark, oppressive, a fine work fit for a good movie.


8. Dawn of..., Cappuccino - I don't mind it, but I didn't warm to it like I did the War one.


9. Rise of..., Patty - plain old generic Doyle meh. The only one in the series I don't own in some form. Good movie though.

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17 minutes ago, publicist said:

There is no comparison.


Goldsmith did Apes 1+3, Congo, Link and probably a dozen others i forgot. They cannot compete.


Is it really fair to pit Congo and Planet of the Apes together?



Also, I had no idea Goldsmith returned for third one! The first score is awesome, of course, but it _really_ needs a re-recording.

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Goldsmith for:


Planet of the Apes

Escape from the Planet of the Apes




Escape and Congo are no masterpieces, I know, and Link is very odd, but solely Planet brings him the Golden Banana.

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There is no contest -- Goldsmith all the way.


But I think Elfman's is brilliant, and there are good bits and pieces in Doyle's. Rosenman and Scott's, I don't particularly care for, while MG's I find disastrous.

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Without a doubt Goldsmith.  After all, his first Apes score is number 18 on AFI's top 25 scores list.  I would love to see/hear this score performed live. 


I was hoping a remastered version would come out this year since it's the 50th anniversary. :( 




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