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Tanglewood 2019: ANH Live, "Across the Stars", Film Night and more

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That's definitely sad but to be expected after London. I imagine his doctor has instructed him to limit exerting himself too much.


If he still intends to conduct IX, he might be under orders not to do concerts at the same time as any sessions (and I'm guessing the sessions will run intermittently from May through October). 

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11 hours ago, King Mark said:

So JW is not conducting concert anymore? I don't see threads of any concerts with him conducting in 2019


Was Vienna meant to be is big finale?


Even though he isn't getting any younger and despite recent health issues, I don't think he's giving up on his conducting career. It's more likely he needs a few months of rest to recover properly and be in good shape for the Ep9 schedule next year (and whatever else he's writing), so he probably can't take conducting engagements for a while. The fact he still will be attending the Tanglewood Film Night makes me hope that if he will be in pretty good shape by then, he might step in on the podium to conduct at least two or three pieces.

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