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When will we get a new album release of Home Alone 2?

Home Alone 2 score:  

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  1. 1. When will we get a new album release?

  2. 2. Will the next album release include the OST program?

  3. 3. Which format will it be on?

    • Digital
    • CD
    • Cassette
    • LP
    • 78
    • Not relevant 'cause it won't be released!

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I have the OST cd. Ripped it myself.


The lossless copy is sade and sound on my hard drive. I love it. The sound leaves much to be desired, though.


I’ve made a meticulous reconstruction using the remaster. It’s glorious, but... Jeeeeeez, was it a lot of work. Ya’ll know how JW likes to mash up cues on the OST release of things and micro edit tracks - and let me tell ya, he really outdid himself on this one - but I freakin’ I nailed it. Took me weeks.


It’s this self made edit I return to whenever I want to listen to HA2. But I would like an official version.

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While I don't listen to these scores anymore, like George Lucas described that ridiculous Episode III mohawk Anakin concept art, the complete HA2 is too...much. The sugary Mickey Mousey orchestrations will induce musical diabetes. It loses focus and is flat out annoying throughout its excessive length and the climax features the main theme so many times it's absolutely ridiculous. Fuck. Even the more focused OST is too long, but at least it isn't 90 minutes.

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Weren't the channels reversed on the OST? I seem to recall reading something about that, either on the Varese press release or in the liner notes.


EDIT: my mistake, seems the tapes were running at the wrong speed:




So we really do need this to be re-issued!

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