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The Illustrious Jerry

POLL: Darkest Hour vs. Churchill

Darkest Hour vs. Churchill  

3 members have voted

  1. 1. Which is the better film?

    • Darkest Hour
    • Churchill
  2. 2. Who plays Sir Winston Churchill best?

  3. 3. Which is the better score?

    • Darkest Hour (Dario Marianelli)
    • Churchill (Lorne Balfe)

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As some of you may know, I love historical dramas. I also love Sir Winston Churchill, and these two 2017 films, both of which I got around to in 2018, were quite enjoyable.


Gary Oldman and Brian Cox both excel in their roles as Winston Churchill, the films are quite good (in my personal opinion, but that's because they're right up my alley), and I'm quite attached to Marianelli's score. 


I'd vote:

FILM: Darkest Hour (Churchill was very good, but I enjoyed the pacing of the former)

ACTOR: Brian Cox: he was the better Churchill, even though I prefer Oldman's take.

SCORE: Darkest Hour by Dario Marianelli (see We Shall Fight, for a quick one-track summary)


Anyone else who has seen the film and listened to the scores, let the discussion begin!



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Which is the better film?



Who plays Winston Churchill (he wasn't Sir, until 1952) best?

Ian McNeice


Which is the better score?

Murray Gold (with just a soupçon of assistance, from David Arnold)




Actually, both Simon Ward, and Albert Finney played him very well.

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