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New Ghostbusters film ("Ghostbusters 3" - Jason Reitman, 2020)

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Seriously though, what's wrong with these people? Their movie was a complete and total disaster, as Trump would say. They would never get a sequel. As for redoing it, if it was with the original cast then yes, it would be huge. It's just smart business.


I don't remotely like Trump as a president or even as a person anymore, really, although I did vote for him. But I respect that he was in the Bobby Brown Ghostbusters II music video. That was some real g shit. This bitch doesn't deserve to smell Slimer's shit. I'm just keeping it real. Remember, I'm not even excited for this movie.

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2 hours ago, dougie said:

I've never seen her happier!




How To Get Yourself Fired. Chapter 1.


Seriously, though, did she not get the memo about them wanting a sequel for their film too?

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