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Are you John Williams the composer?

Are you John Williams the composer?  

39 members have voted

  1. 1. Are you John Williams the composer?

    • Yes!
    • No.
    • I'm John Williams, and so is my wife!
    • I'm John Williams the guitarist
    • I'm Johnny Williams, the cool cat!

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1 hour ago, Fabulin said:

I have a JWFan theory:

@The Illustrious Jerry is really Jerry Goldsmith, who faked his death to prowl JWFan with no consequences, orchestrating and upsurge of Goldsmith fandom over the last 20 years and under different names, and has gotten quite reckless with them as of late

@Mattris is really Mike Matessino

@KK is Kevin Kiner

@Kasey Kockroach is Michael Giacchino, trolling everybody

@Disco Stu might be Danny Elfman

These ones really cracked me up. Thanks Fabulin.

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38 minutes ago, The Illustrious Jerry said:

To confirm, I am Jerry Goldsmith. 


I was wondering how long I could keep it up, but you figured it out. I'm just going to slap Giacchino and rescore these new Star Treks, then I'll really call it quits.

You see! Jerry Goldsmith was hiding in Canada whole this time!

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I am John Williams's composer.







No you know. Seriously I think


W E . a r e. John Williams.


John Williams is the collective conscious of interwoven fan perspectives about John Williams, and their various ideologies.


John Williams is in the eye of the beholder.




And that beholder is John Williams.








I think we just need a poll. Who are the options again? all the people who voted no?


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