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Raggedy Man: Varese Encore by JERRY GOLDSMITH released!

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Raggedy Man: Encore Edition

With our Encore Edition of Jerry Goldsmith’s beautiful Raggedy Man score, the CD Club comes full circle.  Raggedy Man (1981) is one of Goldsmith’s most delicate and gentle scores.  It was one of the scores that inspired the creation of the Varèse Sarabande CD Club in the first place and became the seventh release in the series, in the spring of 1991.  That limited edition has been out of print ever since. It’s been unavailable for 28 years!

Making a curtain call and providing the final encore for the CD Club's "Encore" series, it is only appropriate that Jerry Goldsmith takes us out.  Do not miss this very special and historic release!

While World War II rages overseas, a divorced mother of two, Nita Longley (Sissy Spacek), struggles to makes ends meet as a telephone operator in small-town Texas. As the subject of disdainful gossip due to her divorce, Nita faces a lonely existence of ostracism, where only the unscrupulous approach her -- often with ill intent. When she befriends Teddy (Eric Roberts), a sailor on leave, her situation improves, but he's soon sent to war. Once again, Nita must face her plight alone.


  1. Main Title (3:53)
  2. Henry & Harry (5:11)
  3. Number Please (4:34)
  4. The Kite (4:40)
  5. Runaways (6:28)
  6. Mexican Tune (2:57)
  7. End of Calvin (3:54)
  8. End Title (2:09)


Not what I primarily wanted, but the samples sound quite promising. What's your opinion? I don't know the score at all.

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It includes titles sold to other retailers, so even if it’s sold out by Monday from Varese, you will still probably be able to order from SAE or Intrada, for additional $5 surcharge (their entire profit, since Varese does not do wholesale prices for retailers on any of their Club releases).



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I thought I had this in itunes or something but no


I think I used to see this c.d. in stores back in the 90's but never got it because it was too short or not in my priority list. That's why it seems familiar yet I don't have it

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3 hours ago, El Jefe said:

Anyone get a shipping notice yet? 😉


No, but I ordered it from Intrada, along with 8 other releases, and all or most of them were backordered. Could take weeks for everything to be get for shipping I expect.

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