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My ET Deluxe Edition

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Hey fellow Williams fans!

Help! I need some input. I just made a ET Deluxe 2CD set. One disc featuring the complete score, the other, bonus material. Besides missing the "Elliot Explores the Cornfield" cue (which is not an important cue IMO since it is just a 10sec longer version of the Main Titles...plus I just plain do not have it!), is there anything missing or should be changed.

Here are the track listings:

* previously unreleased

** 1996 Expanded Version

^ 1982 Original Version

all other tracks are taken from the 2002 Anniversary Edition


01. Main Titles 1:06

02. Far From Home/E.T. Alone 6:46

03. Bait For E.T. 1:44

04. Meeting E.T. 2:05

05. E.T.'s New Home 1:38

06. The Beginning Of A Friendship 3:02

07. Toys 2:43

08. "I'm Keeping Him" 2:18

09. E.T.'s Powers 2:42

10. Stuffed Animals* 0:44

11. E.T. And Elliot Get Drunk 2:54

12. Frogs 2:10

13. Elliot's First Kiss* 0:30

14. At Home 5:37

15. The Magic Of Halloween 2:52

16. Sending The Signal 3:56

17. Searching For E.T. (film version) 4:16

18. Invading Elliott's House 2:21

19. E.T. Is Dying* (film version) 2:22

20. Losing E.T. 2:02

21. E.T. Is Alive!** 4:18

22. Escape/Chase/Saying Goodbye 15:01

23. End Credits (film version) 3:49

24. Over The Moon^ 2:11

DISC TWO 75:02

01. The Flying Theme 3:43

(performed by The London Symphony Orchestra)

02. Three Million Light Years From Home^ 2:58

03. Abandoned And Pursued^ 3:02

04. E.T. And Me^ 4:54

05. E.T.'s Halloween^ 4:11

06. Flying^ 3:24

07. E.T. Phone Home^ 4:21

08. Searching For E.T.** (alternate) 4:15

09. E.T. Is Dying (alternate) 2:19

10. Escape/Chase/Goodbye** 15:04

11. Saying Goodbye* (film version) 7:06

12. End Credits** (alternate) 3:52


Conducted by John Williams

13. Over The Moon 2:12

14. Adventures On Earth 9:48

15. E.T. Botanicus (The Adventure Ride)* 3:46

Well, tell me what you think. This has been a project that I've needed to tackle for quite awhile and now finally getting to it.

Thanks for any input!

Jamesyboy - getting ready to duck...

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This is pretty close to the way the 20th anniversary album should have been. As you can see, the entire score fits on one CD, while a second could have been used for the alternates and concert versions. I guess they want us to buy it again at some point but I think I'm done buying E.T. albums.


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i like that a lot,did you manage to make it sound better than the MP3 some of us downloaded?  

Unfortunately, no:-(

But yes..it is a very good piece of music that deserves some sort of commercial release. Hopefully someday...sigh.


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FIRST thing I looked for in the E.T. Ride gift shop is a recording of it a few years ago.

there wasn't any :cry: (and the salesclerk lady looked at me funny when I asked,like I was the first one ever),and untill I read it here i was never sure he composed it himself,although I was pretty sure at the time.


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Looks great, James! I've been wanting to do the same thing myself. Is that compilation dead-on guys? Because if it is, I'll do the same, as I made my 2 disc set shortly before the 20th Anniversary disc came out, D'OH!

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Cool! Thanks guys! :music:

I just have to say, it's a fantastic listen :P Now to make the covers...

Jamesyboy - who has to email both Chris and Justin :sigh: ...it's been awhile. Is your email working yet Chris?

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On the 1982 album version of Adventures on Earth:

At 11.17 to 11:32 the strings play something different than on the other versions(the reason I like this version better)

And at 12:42 ,a horn play 2 notes that aren't on any other version,not even the film version.


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