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  2. Conan The Barbarian- Original OR Re-Recording?

    If you love the score both are definitely worth getting. But IMO despite a few problems one should start with the Prometheus. Yavar
  3. The Official Quartet Records Thread

    Music Box and Kritzerland are no slouches either! (Though Kritzerland seems less active in film music than they used to be.) Yavar
  4. Solo: A Star Wars Story (Ron Howard 2018)

    You know I'd take every "rumor" with a grain of salt. Well almost everything. He wasn't in any of the Langdon films, or Willow among others. I'm quite glad he has a role in Solo, though.
  5. Disney would never reveal such a major character's name in a casting call. It's mostly likely (1) misdirection or (2) a nickname for the character used during the casting process.
  6. I'm assuming this Mara rumor is complete horse shit.
  7. Well, here's the whole first 8 minute UFO sequence Trucking / Roy's First Encounter / Encounter at Crescendo Summit / Chasing UFOs Even if I got some stuff wrong, boy this is some score huh?
  8. @Marian Schedenig Love that shot from Tarantino. It’s the closest he ever got to emulating Leone.
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  11. TLJ Score Wishes

    Then what does this motif represent? I'm sure it appears elsewhere throughout TFA, whether in the final film or some of the unreleased cues.
  12. Google images comes up with the examples I used for my chapter: Superman theme Remembrances theme from Schindler's list Basket Game theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark Yoda's theme from Empire Strikes Back Presumed innocent theme Irish theme from Far and Away
  13. Excellent! Wow. One man's Mickey Mousing is another man's perfect synthesis of screen and sound.
  14. Williams' favourite musical instrument

    Cello for solo writing, especially for Yo-Yo Ma, but in terms of orchestral texture, I believe he has spoken fondly in the past about the French Horn. We hear the instrument at emotional and reflective moments as well. Plus, he wrote a quite magnificent concerto for the instrument. But, he hasn't written a Piano Concerto, which just might mean he looks up to it as an instrument he is not quite worthy enough to write or publish a fully formed work for.
  15. What is Your Favorite Single Shot in a Movie?

    Pretty much all of BR2049.
  16. No, Hux is actually Darth Sidious and BB-8 has Snoke's head inside!
  17. Williams' favourite musical instrument

    I think he just likes working with Yo-Yo Ma. Looking at Williams's output as a whole, it's not easy naming a single instrument, as he's demonstrated such a protean command of the entire orchestra. To narrow it down to "one", I would say the piano/celeste/keyboard. It's his most developed voice as a musician, and the principle colour he adopts for moments that demand a personal, sensitive or intimate shading.
  18. John Williams - Low Quantity Alerts!

    FYI, Family Plot is now just $5.00 , plus a bunch of other titles with Varese's spring cleaning sale! I thought I got a good deal on it when it was on sale for $11!
  19. Headphones

    Oh dear. Karol
  20. Solo: A Star Wars Story (Ron Howard 2018)

    Still, what's so unsatisfying about what happened in the movie that someone would feel their DeviantArt posts are better? What would be more dramatically satisfying?
  21. Williams' favourite musical instrument

    French Horn
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