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  2. Nick Parker

    Yo-Yo Ma about John Williams

    Yeah, I did a double take there. Yo-Yo Ma is super-lucid in this interview!
  3. Jay

    Video Game Thread II

    A Hat in Time Announced for Nintendo Switch, New Free DLC Revealed Sweet!
  4. Jay

    What are you drinking tonight?

    This year's Sam Octoberfest is out!
  5. Ha. I was just listening to The Rocketeer, and a motif that sounds just like the Death Star/Imperial fanfare just turned up at 1:21.
  6. Phew, I was out for a while there. I'm good.
  7. Yeah, I think an Imperial Suite would be neat featuring the Imperial/stormtrooper motif and the Death Star motif. It's a vital melodic idea to the score of SW '77 and one of my favourite little tunes (can I say tunes or will people get mad?) in Star Wars. Of course we already have the Imperial March and Giacchino made an Imperial Suite for Rogue One, so maybe it could be called 'The Empire Suite' (?). Perhaps 'The Power of the Empire Suite' (?). 'Stormtrooper Suite' (?). It's hopeful but I'd like to hear it.
  8. Traumerei is his greatest work IMO.
  9. Mitth'raw'nuorodo

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    I'm listening to The Rocketeer right now. What an amazing theme Horner wrote for it. Heroic, yet also old-fashioned at the same time. I love the time period and the intentional cheesiness of the movie. Main Title and Takeoff was just a joy to listen to.
  10. Holko

    Explain Your Avatar

    @Disco Stu Back to the name I see!
  11. Jay

    Yo-Yo Ma about John Williams

    Wow cool article, thanks for sharing!
  12. Thor

    Yo-Yo Ma about John Williams

    Yikes! The liner notes only state "tragic circumstances", but I didn't realize it was that dramatic. Regardless, the Elegy is one of my top 3 JW concert pieces.
  13. OK, here's the Imperial Fanfare, in one of the fullest and most prominent renditions, but it appears all over the score:
  14. Jay


    Yes! I had absolutely no idea what was going on in her mind through the early parts of the episode, and even the early parts of the conversation with Hamlin. Then when she unloaded on him, it made PERFECT sense in every way possible - but I totally didn't see it coming. I love that! I swear these two shows (BB & BCS) are the most unpredictable shows I've watched.
  15. Ah, ok, I also think of it as Imperial Fanfare, but you're probably right.
  16. Damien F


    I literally watched that scene again the moment it was over. It was great. When Kim entered the room, I had a feeling something would happen. She just seemed very tense and on-edge. Great acting even before the fireworks started.
  17. (Before this gets completely out of Han-d, I tried to refer to the fact that I think Lando is the only one who ever pronounces Han as Hen)
  18. That's the Death Star Motif. It also appeared in Solo.
  19. Nah, the Imperial fanfare only appears in A New Hope (and Rogue One). You can hear it almost every time that it cuts back to the Death Star in A New Hope. See 1:49 of "Burning Homestead or 6:18 of "Imperial Attack." In Rogue One, it shows up at 1:49 of "When Has Become Now."
  20. In that case, try Boston rather than Tanglewood. You'll spend more time and money renting a car and driving from Boston, or another airport, to get to Tanglewood, as magical of a place as it may be.
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