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  2. Wow, are you guys still talking about this piece? Mediocrity for four minutes anda nice opening, that's what I thought it was...
  3. How about anything? There is literally nothing in the entirety of this enormous area aside from the cantina music, which doesn't seem to be JW music. It's outrageous. Insulting, even.
  4. But only some would be fitted properly, so that some could have an "Ill fitting poncho"
  5. How about you consruct your own theme from many many prerecorded elements and it follows you around the park via security cameras and speakers? You'd do this before entering, while having your Baatu poncho fitted to you, which you would have to wear for actual immersion.
  6. Huh? That's the whole point. He said today he didn't know the LLL track is an alt, but knew a year ago it was. I was being funny.
  7. Obviously JW should have wrote a theme for every individual who enters the park, since it's not Star Wars without the main character having a theme.
  8. Is Jay really going to ignore the fact that he replied to crumbs with a post of his from a year ago?
  9. The score for Star Trek: Nemesis seemed to predict the trend of bland underscore and aggressive action music that would be so prevalent in the years to come.
  10. Bad memory? Also it's probably time to remind everyone that this great PDF exists: This is useful too:
  11. Interesting read, thanks. I'll have to do some further investigating... Nice to hear it has the inserts for 2.5 Miles Down. Didn't even realise the ragtime band cue was an alternate on the LLL. Probably because I haven't listened to disc 4 yet.
  12. Well, this is what the film stem leak looks like 01 1m1 Fox Logo (0:29) 02 1m2 Opening - The Titanic (9:01) 03 1m3 The Drawing (0:51) 04 1m4 I'll Be God Damned (0:59) 05 1m5 A Call From Rose (0:48) 06 2m1 Memories Of The Drawing (0:29) 07 2m2 Reflections (0:47) 08 2m3 Heavily Treated Source (0:50) 09 2m4 Southampton Dock (3:10) 10 2m5 We're Going To America (2:31) 11 2m6 Source (1:05) 12 2m7 Source (0:43) 13 2m8 Take Her To Sea - King Of The World (4:06) 14 3m1 Jack Sees Rose (0:50) 15 3m2 Source (0:39) 16 3m3 Overlays End Of Source (2:21) 17 3m4 I Won't Let Go (1:40) 18 3m5 Music Box (0:36) 19 3m6 Source (2:00) 20 3m7 Score Overlay Source (1:08) 21 3m8 Madame Bijou (0:42) 22 3m9 Source (1:26) 23 4m1 Bugle (0:20) 24 4m2 Oh You Beautiful Doll (Source) (0:33) 25 4m3 Blue Danube (Source) (2:37) 26 4m4 Lied Hone (Source) (1:57) 27 4m5 Estudiantina (Source) (2:40) 28 4m6 Valse Septembre (Source) (1:37) 29 4m7 Marguerite Waltz (Source) (0:26) 30 4m8 Blarney Pilgrims (Source) (1:07) 31 4m9 Ryan's Polka (Source) (1:57) 32 4m10 Kesh Jig (Source) (1:20) 33 4m11 Drowsy Maggie Dance (Source) (0:35) 34 4m12 Eternal Father (Source) (1:55) 35 5m1 Vision Of Salome (Source) (0:46) 36 5m2 The Kiss (2:55) 37 5m3 Come Josephine (Source) (1:21) 38 5m4 Jack Draws Rose Intro (1:09) 39 5m5 Jack Draws Rose (1:52) 40 5m6 Meditation (Source) (0:59) 41 5m7 Titsy Bitsy (Source) (0:51) 42 5m8 The Chase (2:11) 43 5m9 To The Stars (1:30) 44 5m10 Love Scene (1:00) 45 6m1 The Berg (7:40) 46 6m2 Alexander's Rag (Source) (1:54) 47 6m3 Wedding Dance (Source) (0:13) 48 6m4 Oh You Beautiful Doll (Source) (1:06) 49 6m5 Underscore Overlays Source (0:37) 50 7m1 Sphinx (Source) (1:51) 51 7m2 Searching For Jack (3:06) 52 7m3 Helping Jack (3:09) 53 7m4 Score Overlays Source (1:42) 54 7m5 Barcarolle (Source) (2:25) 55 7m6 (4:20) 56 7m7 Marguerite Waltz (Source) (0:36) 57 7m8 Orpheus (Source) (2:11) 58 7m9 (2:06) 59 8m1 Estudiantina (Source) (3:02) 60 8m2 (3:56) 61 8m3 (4:28) 62 8m4 Valse Septembre (Source) (2:46) 63 8m5 Blaue Donau (Source) (1:10) 64 8m6 Nearer My God To Thee (Source) (3:13) 65 9m1 (6:59) 66 9m2 (3:57) 67 10m1 (3:05) 68 10m2 (2:46) 69 10m3 (1:14) 70 10m4 (1:44) 71 10m5 (4:32) 72 10m6 My Heart Will Go On (5:02) 73 10m7 Balance Of End Credits (2:34) TOTAL TIME - 2:32:13 And here are some notes I have on it
  13. You realise there was nearly a year and a half separating those two posts? But in answer to your question, no, my brain doesn't have a memory bank devoted to storing information on leaked film stems for twenty year old scores.
  14. The OST is, in my opinion, one of the worst in Goldsmith's discography. It's not that it plays badly as an album, but it doesn't well represent what Goldsmith wrote, at all. Unlike the OST of First Knight and Lancelot's Theme, it doesn't omit a key theme entirely, but it comes really close: the beautiful love theme only appears once, briefly, in the finale cue. One might be forgiven for even thinking it was just a unique bridge melody or something, the way it's used there. But in the score proper it is given a ton of great development and really makes its mark just as much as the hero and villain themes. This is one where the Intrada expansion is IMO especially essential, because they almost *triple* the running time -- this is one of Goldsmith's longest scores (along with QB VII and The Mummy). Yavar
  15. And it's actually not true that I keep bringing up Serenity. Other people keep rubbing my nose in it and I just respond to it that it didn't make sense. Boring movie too. Doesn't necessarily mean I'd respond the same way to Breaking Bad. You never know, I might enjoy it!
  16. The only bit I got for my phone version from the film leak/reconstruction/whatever is the very end, Unable/Unwilling's different mix with that coda.
  17. You can now pre-order on Amazon US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SJ9JD63/
  18. There was a film stem leak? Does it have the unreleased coda right at the start of the credits the LLL omitted?
  19. It is now reported that the fire was more damaging than first reported, affecting up to 800 artists instead of “just” the initial 100. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/jun/26/universal-warehouse-fire-neil-young-cher-martin-luther-king
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