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  2. Yes, often. I think Botanicus was found in Florida, and album masters have regularly been found in different countries (England for the E.T. album master, if I remember correctly -- the master tapes were burned in the Universal fire).
  3. HA! Earlier this month the Ocarina of Time soundtrack got a bona fide, serious Pitchfork review https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/koji-kondo-the-legend-of-zelda-ocarina-of-time/ Not a joke at all, and actually very knowledgeable and well-written.
  4. And yet you were wrong. The effects are still terrific. The human aspects were iffy. Still I would rather watch UFO.
  5. Did Mike go to various sites around the globe to dig up materials for expansion? I've read in some cases (i.e. Superman) where they were in a salt mine in Kansas and I'm assuming the masters were shipped to California?
  6. Watched Fallout yesterday. Still a terrific film. Fun and intense.
  7. I'd be shocked if some "interesting" new materials weren't discovered along with the deleted scenes for the 4K remaster. But we already knew the so-called "lost tapes" clearly existed and were in decent condition, thanks to the existence of that bootleg containing all the film stem music in mint condition (which, weirdly enough, was known to LLL at the time of release -- but were supposedly forbidden from using due to legal reasons).
  8. How do you know what to call them if they are unreleased?
  9. A wise decision, my friend! You have just saved yourself from a fate worse than the frying pan!
  10. I have decided to add my vote to the Child's Play 2 credits.
  11. Yea there's no logic to that answer he gave. What can you do
  12. I was really confused when Didier claimed the only reason Mike didn't do Hook was because he was based in LA and the master tapes were in NYC! Just an utterly absurd reason, all things considered. How many expansions has Mike done now where the master tapes were scattered all over the globe?
  13. I would say this was an unusual circumstance where the producer hired was an employee of Sony and not a total independent like Mike, so LLL's hands were likely tied.
  14. How much of that is on the album producer, though, and how much of that is on the label producers? I'm sure the LLL guys could have easily said, "Diddy, don't use the film stems - hold the project until the proper elements are found." Instead, they released it!
  15. I would love to hear what Howard Shore does with Middle Earth under a different director.
  16. yeah the stone wasnt in the movie until the last three minutes and then he just goes yoink and there u go, da king
  17. I have so few grails left that I can't actually think of an unreleased track I'm dying for. #blessed
  18. I've forgotten what you guys are talking about.
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