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  2. It feels less eventful (although my memory of S01 plot points is hazy) but the character stuff feels more interesting and consequential. The Bill Tench character especially is *really* shining this time around, which is good because he’s definitely the best actor of the bunch.
  3. The end is a trivial attempt to copy the finales of his prior films. The dark parody excuse is pointless in this case. Covering the actual murders would have been too new for the old Tarantino, relying completely on nostalgy and his trademarks.
  4. I think Bond is the one single original mainstream hero that is meant to be an older man. I might actually think that a Bond younger than 35 might be too young. Bond has to be an older man. A worldly man. A man with experience. I think you get that sense from the books too. You never think of Bond as a young man. I think that would be a wrong reading of the character. I think Bond is and has always been adult entertainment despite its rating. Marketing will tell you otherwise and want it to be a four quadrant blockbuster. But it is by its nature a franchise aimed at older audiences. I could easily see it with an R rating and always wondered that they never ever tried with that. But I guess the US rating system leads the way so they are stuck in the PG13 groove.
  5. Most shows improve from their first season to their second
  6. I found the first season frustrating as well. But I'll take Stu's word for it and give the new season a chance.
  7. I actually bought it when it first come out, but just now picked it up from SAE. I place orders from them and then have them held for me to pick up every once in a while. And they hadn’t received their shipment of the HP box sets from LLL the last time I was there (mid-December 2018).
  8. He just wasn't the right choice for an outer space score.
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  10. But I didn’t like season 1 and I’m kind of enjoying 2! My wife likes it more which is why I returned to it at all, because I had really lost patience by the end of S01
  11. I can't imagine it will end up vastly different from season 1, so I'd say if you liked season 1 watch season 2, if you didn't, don't
  12. I think my wife watched the first season without me and she rated it. I'd been meaning to catch up in time for the follow up, so I'd better get a move on.
  13. So the new Mindhunter season is worth checking out then?
  14. Not sure what the original source of this list is, but I saw it in this FSM thread: https://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=136486&forumID=1&archive=0 I guess Johnny did end up scoring that pilot, eh? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0449830/
  15. Sort of, I think they are aping Breaking Bad more though. Legion did it, Ozark did it, Westworld in a sense, etc
  16. He never looked or came off that young.
  17. BSG consisted almost exclusively of characters you loved at one point and hated at another.
  18. Time To Fail Again sounds about right. Especially with that composer. Holy crap.
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