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  2. rolltide1017

    Alan Menken's ALADDIN (2019)

    Listened to it and the album sounds horrible. I know they were going for a modern sound but, damn, there is so much bass at times that it drowns out the lyrics. Even the score tracks don't escape the waves bass overkill. It's just not a pleasant album to listen too. I've enjoyed these remakes mostly, not loved them but enjoyed them and was really excited for Aladdin, since it is one of my favorite Disney movies. They've butchered these songs on the album so I don't hold out much hope for the movie, which is really disappointing.
  3. Kasey Kockroach

    Alan Menken's ALADDIN (2019)

    I know it's me, not the movie's fault. I know it's not a bad movie. My dislike is largely irrational. But I'd much rather take the Cocteau film, thanks. And Susan Egan is a way better Belle than Paige O'Hara.
  4. There's a fun experiment you can do with this at the piano. Play a major or minor chord in the right hand e.g. C major or C minor. Now, in the left hand, put your hand on a major or minor chord one semitone above and one semitone below the right hand. So, for instance, with C major in the right hand, you place your left hand on B major or Db major. Now pick one of the notes in your two left hand chords. This is now your bass note - play it with the chord in the right hand (so e.g. C major in RH, with D# in the bass from the B major chord). Now do this multiple times for different chords. Voila! You have become John Williams.
  5. On second thought, all of it sounds really fun.
  6. Was it even in the film Monsignor, or was that just something he recorded to pad out the soundtrack album?
  7. It's interesting that you talk about Williams "masking" dissonances, as if Williams was trapped into employing dissonances which he then tried to cover up by choosing the right instruments (probably not what you meant, but it sounds that way!). Of course, the opposite is really true - Williams mixes in the dissonance himself. However, rather than drawing attention on those very dissonances (as, for example, Boulez might...or "concert" JW might) he tends to treat dissonance as something like musical seasoning; to spice up what would otherwise be fairly dull, consonant music. One of the ways he does this is to do what sounds like "covering up" dissonance using the orchestra, which I guess is what you allude to. But, of course, this is just an illusion really. Every note you hear comes from the composer's pen, whether or not in the end they sound as if they are appearing out of nowhere, or as an "accident". So what is JW's favourite spice? When it comes to brass, It is undeniably the minor 2nd interval between the 7th and 8th degrees of the scale (i.e. B-C in C major). JW would sooner jump off a bridge than not use this dissonance in a fanfare. Listen to the one that plays when Yoda raises the ship in TESB, which is in E major: Now, somebody with an "untrained ear" might be surprised to know that when they are listening to the above, they are also listening to this: https://picosong.com/whnva These are the 7th and 8th degrees of the E major scale: D#-E. (Fun fact: JW originally wanted to add a cymbal crash to the top chord at 3:05...good thing he didn't go with it! ) JW uses a lot of this sort of dissonance in the E.T. flying theme (in C major): Listening to this, one might naively think that the accompanying horns at the start are playing simple major chords (C-E-G, or 1st, 3rd and 5th degrees). But in fact, they are playing "add2" chords, i.e. chords with the 2nd degree added (D), so there is a dissonance between the C-D and the D-E. Later on, JW employs his beloved 7th-8th dissonance, at 0:20 (F#-G) and 0:25 (G-Ab). These dissonances on their own sound like they belong to a horror movie, not a feel-good family movie (though I grant that E.T. does contain some horrifying bits...). But when played by the brass in a certain range, these dissonances take on more of a "colouring" function, and you might miss these dissonances if you don't pay attention. However, take away these dissonances, and you take away an integral part of the whole. This is what I mean by JW using dissonances as "seasoning". Now for something entirely different. Listen to the prologue music of HP1, when Dumbledore does...whatever he does: Listen to that last chord at 1:15. Can you hear "it"? I made a mockup of this portion some years ago, where "it"'s clearer; listen to the high register from 0:17: https://picosong.com/whnWd Williams hear is using the winds to apply a purely "colouristic" effect to the brass chord in the foreground. This is what the wind chord sounds like on the piano: https://picosong.com/whnvw This is what the brass chord sounds like on the piano: https://picosong.com/whnv3 By the way, Williams here is essentially recycling a technique he used in another film, TPM, where he used a similar wind chord. However, that time he used it in a much more dramatic manner, less as a purely colouristic effect (listen to the chord at 3:28 and pay attention to the high register): Finally, I want to go off the track a bit (though I hope it's still relevant) and close with some music from another composer who was a master at "masking" dissonances via orchestration, a composer who greatly influenced Williams and other Hollywood composers - namely, Korngold. His opera "Das Wunder der Heliane" closes with the two lovers making their way into heaven through the pearly gates, being welcomed by the sound of singing angels. But if you listen to it, there's a distinctly bittersweet tone coming from the orchestra: It's almost like the angels merely represent a "sheen" of something that is filled with sadness and sorrow. The reason is that the orchestral accompaniment is in fact full of dissonances - try playing some of those chords which fall on the downbeat. There are instances earlier in the opera where Korngold plays a major chord on top of a minor chord, though it's barely audible the way he orchestrates it.
  8. Take your awful Dad Jokes pun, go sit on the step outside and think about what you've done.
  9. Fabulin

    Alan Menken's ALADDIN (2019)

    Every generation has its crap which can neatly be divided into specific categories This is ours of the sugary, live-actiony type No big deal forget it and move along Next missed opportunity due July 19th P.S. For enhanced cinematic experience imagine this stormtrooper with Mickey Mouse ears
  10. Lord Zimmer

    The Official Christopher Nolan Church Thread

    Should have gone for Justin Hurwitz. Goransson is boring.
  11. Ghostbusters II

    Alan Menken's ALADDIN (2019)

    Yo, rug man! Haven't seen you in a few millennia! Give me some tassel! Yo yo!
  12. He's still scoring Disney's Jungle Cruise movie, opening July 2020, at least
  13. Today
  14. Really disappointing that JNH isn't scoring Maleficent 2.
  15. Stefancos

    The Birthday Thread

    Thank you Jason, and everyone else who send their wishes today. The rest can fuck off!
  16. Holkenborg feels right for a film like this.
  17. That's not what the email said you said! Jesting aside, Junkie XL got confirmed a while ago.
  18. Jay

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    In the FSM thread, MV posted But then a guy replied
  19. He's been retired for 20 years!
  20. you96Hours

    The Complete Cue Lists Thread

    Bear McCreary - Knights of Badassdom Source: ascap.com 1M1 The Sigillum Dei Aemeth 1M2 Appeasement of the Gods 1M3 Paintball Stealth 1M4 The Paintballers & the Book 1M7 Beth's Breakup 1M8 Joe's Power Ballad 1M11 Hung's Solution 1M12 the Kingdom of Eliphaz 1M13 Dragon Ride 2M14 The Game Master 2M15 Gunther 2M16 Slighty Badass 2M17 Jobriath of Revitte 2M18 Summoning the Armies 2M19 Hung's Lesson 2M20 The Summoning 2M21 Plus Three Ass of Perfection 2M22 Demon Apes 3M23A Freaky Vampire Larper 3M23B Gwen's Theme 3M23C Gwen's Battle 3M24 Sprites of Faeries 3M25 Lesbian Faerie Vampire Action 3M26 Massacre At Valinore 3M27 Finding the Body 3M28 Out of Game 4M30 To Seek Vengeance 4M32 Hordes for Glorious Combat 4M33 Succubeth 4M34 Ronnie Stinger 4M35 The Hell Lord Abominog 4M36 Earn Our Valor 4M39 The Epic Battle of Evermore 4M41 Abominog Attacks 5M42 Randy's Head 5M43 Abominog Battle 5M47 At the Gates (Theme from Knights of Badassdom) Dominik Scherrer & Natasha Khan - Requiem (Series) Source: ascap.com EP01: 1M1 Opening 1M4 Titles 1M4 Titles Netflix Sting 1M16 The Box 1M17 The Coffin 1M19 Welsh Landscape 1M20 Cortege 1M21 Funeral 1M23 To the House 1M34 Tape Music Addition 1M35 Credits EP02: 2M3 Person in the Woods 2M7 Rose Looking At Pix 2M10 Rose By the Cliffs 2M11 Tape Music 2M13 Shower 2M16 Finding the Symbol 2M20 Someone Watching Me 2M21 Waterlilies 2M26 Tape Music EP03: 3M2 Trudy's Memory 3M3A Montage 3M8A Hal 3M8B Hal With Tape Music 3M10 Rose Running Away 3M11 Rose Phone Call 3M15 Checking Pictures 3M20 Trudy Explains 3M21 Rose Receives Call 3M24 Rose's Death 3M27 Mathilda Plays Tape Music EP04: 4M3B Mathilda Remembers 4M4 What's Happening to Me? 4M5 Rose Memory 4M14 Hal Relates to Photo 4M17 Tape Music 4M18 Mathilda Finds Cave 4M23 Entering Cave 4M24 Looking At Mirror EP05: 5M2 Sylvia v1 5M5 Mathilda Looking At Drawing 5M9 He Died in There 5M16 Nick & Mathilda in Bed 5M18 Trudy & Hal 5M26 Wallpaper 5M27 What If There Were Two? 5M29 Tape Music On Car Radio EP06: 6M2 Janice With Carys 6M5 They're Planning Something Big 6M6 Mathilda Gone Mad 6M7-8 They Have Davey 6M11 Finding Hal 6M14 With Kendrick 6M15 Janice Explains 6M17 Gone 6M18 Tape Music 6M23 Mathilda Meets Nick Again 6M24B It's Too Late 6M27 Rise Up 6M28 Credits
  21. Jay

    The Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Steef!
  22. Too bad Fiedel didn't return for this.
  23. Quintus

    Upcoming Films

    I watched him in some Netflix light buddy comedy with Chevy Chase. It was pretty terrible.
  24. Geoff Zanelli to score Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil
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