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  1. I'm also refering to the version that's been out there for awhile and now recorded: is it a rearrangement of The Patriot themes made by Williams himself, or by someone else..?
  2. Thank you..! 😊👍
  3. Yes, that's why I think The BFG could have benefited so much from this coloring, almost literally in this regard...
  4. Probably true.
  5. It just occured to me that Williams didn't infuse his scores with choir parts since 2005's Revenge Of The Sith. Ok, I know there is some subtle choral writing in scores like Lincoln or The Force Awakens, but that is limited to a single cue and used more atmospheric as opposed to actually supporting central themes like it did in ROTS. I know Williams didn't write a lot of scores since 2005, but the 12 years gap is substantial and noteworthy especially since scores like The BFG, TFA or KOTCS were easy candidates for prevalent choir additions and would have possible enhanced them even further. I've always felt that cues like Call Of The Crystal or Dream Country would have been even more interesting if supported by a choir. So is it just as simple that Williams felt the scores since ROTS wouldn't benefit from more prominent choral parts? Was it a deliberate and creative choice? Or did the four scoring assignments in 2005 take its toll and Williams adjusted his composing and arranging choices since then? Or am I just overthinking it?
  6. Saw the film yesterday; it was funny and very effective how the JP theme was used..!
  7. I like Filmtracks a lot, but this article is not very funny IMO......
  8. GREAT..!
  9. Absolutely..!
  10. The long-lined gentle theme that opens the album, especially the violin rendition, is absolute gold and worth the price of the album alone. Otherwise, I feel Williams' score sounded a bit dated at that time when historical epics like Braveheart or Gladiator (to which The Patriot was often compared) made a more 'feminine' and vulnerable sound the norm. Willams went for bombast and a more traditional, heroic approach which in the end hurt the film more than it did good. One of my least played Williams soundtracks...
  11. I have it too..! Only my season runs from January 1 all the way to December 31..!
  12. Received my copy today. Williams/Spielberg III last week. Happy days. 😉