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  1. Yeah, for almost 18 years I've been on the other end so right back at you b***hes..!
  2. Holy shit..!! This score is going to have 7 epic new themes and the largest choir ever assembled for a motion picture soundtrack..???
  3. I think this theory would really have some legs if Williams didn't use it in TFA, but he did so yeah................
  4. Talk to anyone in The Netherlands about John Williams and thís is the guy they think off..... Oh, the raised eyebrows I've had to encounter.................
  5. Can we get a little love for the Garrison Family Theme from JFK? I think it's one of Williams' most beautiful melodies, something Morricone would write in his sleep (and I mean that as a compliment). Has the theme ever been performed in concert (don't think so) and does it appear in other cues in the film? Haven't seen it since 1991...
  6. Very true and well said. I'm completely aware that the fond memories I have are very personal and have nothing to do with whether things were or weren't better 25 years ago...
  7. I used to scan movie magazines for new film adds and was trying to spot Williams name in the credits. Those first years of being a fan, with the internet in its infant stages, bring about some of the fondest memories...
  8. I love the two Spielberg/Williams collaboration albums tremendously and am eagerly looking forward to the third installment. One thing about the rearrangement of Exsultate Justi on the original album puzzles me however and perhaps someone knows: why did Williams ditch the best part? I'm refering to the short 30 second part as heard on the original soundtrack recording of Exsultate Justi between 2:35 and 3:05. It's different melodically and it stands out: it's one of my very favorite Williams-choral moments.
  9. Also, the militaristic Force Theme statement right after the opening scroll music from ROTS sounds very Zimmerish, especially the third melody line. That brass almost sounds synth, though it isn't......
  10. 3:18 = Williams' biggest Zimmer moment.
  11. For us: yes. But these concerts tend to draw audiences greater than just the die-hard film music fans. For many it might have been their first ever film music concert, heck; perhaps even the first time to see an orchestra perform live.
  12. Not in a million years...
  13. Great program. Whoever made the selections, certainly got it right.
  14. Saw the film this afternoon: it's good. I wasn't too fond of TFA -it even made me sick of Star Wars-, but Rogue One is a much more satisfying film and brings back some of the love. It feels like it's actually trying to tell a coherent story which ties in perfectly with Episode IV.