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  1. What?! As far as I know, the only ones who've seen the film (if it's even finished in post) are the ones involved in the production.
  2. Not everyone! PROMETHEUS actually holds a high star among several of my film critic colleagues, including myself. But yeah -- I agree about fan reactions, most of them coming without anyone having actually seen the movie. Even if I was slightly disappointed by the 'prologue' and the latest trailer, I absolutely LOVED the first trailer, and still hoping the film is closer to that (I think the 'action aspect' was upped considerably for this new trailer).
  3. Since when did I say that it's music he will be "remembered for"? I said that the music he wrote in those years is -- in my opinion -- UNDERRATED. You said that the music has little 'value', and I don't see how you can argue that without having actually heard a good portion of it. THAT's what's silly here. An uninformed blanket statement. I recently got a mail with that information too. What a great treat! How many of these will be picked up by attending JWFANers?
  4. Sure. I enjoy the hell out of them too. But IMO it's not the foremost prioritized element.
  5. Unquestionably. He also thinks so himself.
  6. And how much of it have you actually heard to arrive at that conclusion?
  7. It's Goldenthal 'opus magnum'.
  8. Hardly strange. I'd argue that it's the most common 'angle' to these films, especially the first. Approaching the ALIEN films as character films is the 'odd angle', I think. As for the new trailer, I'm not quite sure what to make it. I'm not entirely sold. But I'll await value judgement untill the whole film is here.
  9. I do! Beyond that, he did so many albums and even a bunch of TV episodes in '58 and '59, that one should AT LEAST count 1956 onwards as the professional starting point. I think Williams' 50s period, even if only the latter half, is really underrated (no joke!). So much youthful vigour in that stuff.
  10. But he was also quite active in the late 50s.
  11. Yeah, I understand what you're saying, and I'm disagreeing with your premise here. Characters or choice of actors aren't always the most important thing in a movie. It depends entirely on what the filmmaker wants to do with his film. In the case of ALIEN, neither story nor characters are particularly central to Scott's project. They are ingrained plot mechanisms, no doubt, but the film is all about atmosphere and communicating various (symbolic) ideas through image and sound. Otherwise, it would not have been the classic it is; it would just have been a forgotten genre film. That's why I'm not too worried about the slightly "goofy" characters in the COVENANT prologue. First of all, I think and hope Ridley's own film will have a very different tone, also among the characters, and second, I think the characters will be less important.
  12. Does anyone really watch the ALIEN films for the characters or character arcs? Except MAYBE Ripley -- who at least has an arc over the course of the 4 movies (and perhaps one or two in Fincher's third) -- most of it is pretty cardboard/stereotype. I'm not diminishing the importance of characters in films that strive for nuance in that area, but in the case of the ALIEN films, other factors are FAR more important, and -- I would argue -- make them the classics they are, at least the first two.
  13. The term 'unconvincing' requires the premise that characters are central to the project, so I felt that was a bit beside the point of arguing the importance of characters in the first place.
  14. I don't know about 'unconvincing', but plenty of films where characters are secondary to some audiovisual idea, especially more arthouse-oriented fare (any given Godard film, for example). I also think some Hollywood directors emphasize more the experience aspect than story/character aspect. AVATAR, for example, which has stereotypical characters and plot, but where the whole idea is to be a sort of "'theme park" experience, envelopping the spectator in the world they're creating.
  15. Not if the director's vision is strong enough. It depends on what he or she wants to prioritize. But we can't draw any conclusions based on this short film. We'll have to wait untill May.