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  1. Yes. I’m local (~60 miles). They were out, @Amer!! I absolutely was going to get it this time but fate was against me. Yes. I have the 2-CD promo but this has been on my wish list for far too long, so I finally pulled the trigger.
  2. What I came home from Screen Archives with on Friday...
  3. My Roku is outputting 1080 but I can't gauge the audio since I simply have it connected directly to my TV, sans receiver or home theater set-up.
  4. Here's the warning I received from Amazon when I purchased TLJ... My computer is playing the video in SD, so it's clearly not HDCP-compliant, and the audio is stereo/96kbps AAC.
  5. A Life in Music: New recordings of JW by the LSO

    Poor E.T. fell out of the friggin’ basket!!
  6. Referring to Phantom Thread, the answer is no, not from the FYC site. You'd have to get your hands on the FYC CD itself or a rip thereof. BTW, the MP3s from the FYC site are also sampled at 32 kHz instead of 44.1 kHz for some reason.
  7. NEW SCORES AVAILABLE Focus Features Phantom Thread (Jonny Greenwood) [20 cues, 1:04:01] Fox Searchlight Pictures Shape of Water, The (Alexandre Desplat) [33 cues, 55:31] [Score-only version] Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (Carter Burwell) [22 cues, 27:05] [Score-only version] Netflix Icarus (Adam Peters) [50 cues, 1:57:10] [NOTE: Previous version featured only the first 26 tracks of this 50-track version.]
  8. A belated thanks to @Under-Terrestrial for the heads-up on the updates!! I will get them added to the initial post ASAP.
  9. "Walt Disney World announces updates for American Adventure at Epcot, including new American icons in finale" "New American icons are being added to the show’s finale, including legendary 'Star Wars' composer John Williams, astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and accomplished ballerina Misty Copeland. Also, the 'Golden Dream' anthem has been re-recorded with an all-new orchestration to bring the music and lyrics to life in a new way."
  10. NEW SONG AVAILABLE 20th Century Fox Greatest Showman, The [Song - "This is Me" (Benj Pasek & Justin Paul), 3:52]
  11. Thanks for the heads-up, @JohnnyD!!