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  1. Correction! It has a different number....of teeth!
  2. Perhaps it's just that bond that people from the continent have, and you islanders seem to miss...
  3. Are you sure? If you feel left out by me please say so.
  4. Where was Kanadia during the 2010 World Cup?
  5. Is that what you believe? That I require the validation of a middle-aged pedantic Belgian to feel good about myself? Someone who never discusses John Williams and has no appreciation for Star Trek or LOTR? Interesting theory, Lee. Or perhaps you just feel left out because Alex blocked you, and you can no longer trade insults. Hmmmm...
  6. Star Wars isn't Star Wars without Newman's Fox Fanfare....with Cinemascope extension!
  7. They will have to present all the various mixes in their original quality!
  8. Wonderful!
  9. Nolanesque? Oh no!
  10. Have you seen it, Alex? Is it the new 2001? Will Villenueve be the new Kubrick? Will cinema be saved?