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  1. Video Game Thread II

    You rock!
  2. So a 5 minute animation about a multi-millioniare talking about how great he is can win an Oscar now? Greeeaaat!
  3. How have I changed since ET&Elliot4Ever?

    Why did she break up with you?
  4. Invisionboard update complete -> 4.2.3

    What? The movie is 40 years old!
  5. the mstrox thread

    Gentleman please!
  6. America

    The world needs a new hero!
  7. Official funny links and images thread

    Its very easy if you don't wanna spend loads of time finding public transport options, looking for bus stops etc.
  8. the mstrox thread

    I have a Fitbit!
  9. America

    Fuvf vou!
  10. Star Trek Discovery (2017 TV Series)

    They sound more like Giacchino tracktitles to me.
  11. Ennio Morricone looked like a 89 year old man. He conducted while sitting down.
  12. What kind of JWfan are you?

    I AM JWfan!