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  1. James will always be cool!
  2. Who's that kid? Why does he look like Damien from The Omen and why is he with The President and the Pope?
  3. At least Shia LeBouf can breathe a sigh of relief knowing he's no longer did the worst impression of Brando in The Wild One...
  4. Just don't let it happen again!
  5. If it's not here, then how do you know it's missing?
  6. That, but also the fact that the first 2 Moore's were shot in 1.66 :1 rather than 2.35 :1.
  7. Secret service agents will shoot you in the face before you get near Trump anyway.
  8. It actually looks slightly low rent compared to the 60's ones and the more sumptuous Bond films of the late 70's. Moore's first two certainly lacked the glamour of previous outings.
  9. Or oliebollen!
  10. You're no fun! I'll be in America when it's still airing.