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  1. Maybe we'll get all three within the next few years!
  2. Imagine if you were in the audience waiting for the concert to start and suddenly JW sits down beside you.
  3. Question for those who were at last year's Film Night - how does the split between JW and Lockhart work? Does Lockhart conduct the first half and JW the second half? If so, do we not see JW at all until the second half?
  4. Weekday hotel rooms might be cheaper too
  5. The weekday only performances is unusual. I wonder if are the EP8 session schedule is to blame - perhaps he must be back in LA that weekend.
  6. I was up to my eyes with my final year college project in May last year so I couldn't make the trip to Boston. I'm almost certainly going to go this year. Will be my third Boston Pops concert and fifth time seeing JW in concert.
  7. If I remember correctly, last years tickets were released only a few months before the performance date.
  8. I'd be very surprised if Luke doesn't sacrifice himself in The Last Jedi, similar to Obi-Wan in ANH; and he then continues into EP9 as a force ghost.
  9. ...and Ennio Morricone
  10. I love Getting out of The Vote concert version, especially when the string section runs with the main melody punctuated by brass. Such a fun and energetic piece. Given that he performed it at the 2013 Pops film night, I would have predicted that it would be included on this album, sadly not the case. As a decent alternative, at least the broadcast of that 2013 concert contains that piece with no obnoxious audience noise. As for a proper version of Tintin's theme, this release was probably our best chance of getting one, so sadly it may never happen now. I'm a big fan of that theme Agreed! That performance is particularly ferocious and energetic. A JW conducted version would of course be a nice treat though.
  11. I started listening to scores in 1997 so I always had the internet. Filmtracks.com was my primary resource back then. It had (and still has) filmographies of most composers. I remember a time when rounded corners was considered cutting edge web design!
  12. Certainly worked with JP / TLW. Biggest surprise of the year.
  13. Well no, but that's essentially my question - why not? I presume the producer signs an non-disclosure agreement as part of their contract.
  14. Is there some contractual or legal reason why he can't divulge now what he's working on?
  15. A Mike M. produced collection of the Star Wars PT is the holiest of holy grails. If Disney is planning to release the complete scores, let's hope his recent collaborations with JW will put him in serious consideration for this project. Exciting times ahead... As for Sony...