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In Topic: Indiana Jones: The Soundtracks Collection (official Thread)

30 November 2008 - 03:36 PM

Finally got my set last week and have given it a few good listens. Even with it's "quirks", I'm loving it. ToD is, for me, the jewel of the bunch. So much great stuff there. It was a great climax for Williams' incredible 1975-1984 period. LC was more familiar to me due to the bootleg, but it's great to really hear the orchestra now.

Considering the small market for soundtracks on CD and the fact that Lucasfilm was working with a smallish jazz label releasing this, it seems a surprise to me that this has seen the light of day at all, and something of a miracle that so much about the set was done right. I'm also glad my hearing isn't so acute that slght variances in pitch don't bother me, or that I'm not so picky that I can really enjoy what's there rather than moaning about what's missing.

Maybe if this sells well enough, Concord could work with Warner on a Harry Potter: The Early Years Collection, with expanded versions of the first three scores.

In Topic: Indiana Jones: The Soundtracks Collection (official Thread)

13 November 2008 - 02:51 AM

Well,I'm about to pay 10$ more to get it before Nov 25 or whatever it is now

I would happily pay double $70 (Canadian) the price to have it in my hands right now.

In Topic: Indiana Jones: The Soundtracks Collection (official Thread)

12 November 2008 - 11:34 PM

I don't think MikeyKW is coming to the USA just to get the set.

Pretty much ... I'll also pick up a few cases of Cherry Coke and a few dozen Krispy Kreme
to make it a little less pathetic. I did it a few years ago as well when the Bond scoundtracks
were reissued. And that was in February, during a snowstorm.

In Topic: Indiana Jones: The Soundtracks Collection (official Thread)

12 November 2008 - 11:26 PM

It looks like this has been delayed -- again -- in Canada, until Nov. 25th. I think I'll be heading across the border
this weekend. Has anyone seen this available at any "real" stores?

In Topic: Indiana Jones Unreleased Music Resource

18 October 2008 - 04:16 PM

The rear channels on the blu-ray are quite clear ... I was able to extract most of the missing cues from them with minimal SFX. Including the concert versions, I ended up with 38 tracks / 104 min. I used the OST where I could and edited the tracks where needed. A few cues (Doom Town, The Chauchilla Graveyard, Three Drops Down) were too quiet, noisy or not worth the bother to rip. The few intrusive SFX are fairly easy to edit out as well. There's some really good unreleased stuff in there; it's a much better listening experience than the OST presentation.

1. Paramount Logo 0:11
2. Area 51 1:21
3. Dovchenko and Irina 2:00
4. Gunpowder and Shotgun Shells 4.24
5. Inside the Crate 2.40
6. Escape From The Warehouse 2:32
7. Mushroom Cloud 0:20
8. Brutal Year and Enter Mutt 2.10
9. Legend Of Akator 0:57
10. A Whirl Through Academe 3.33
11. Flight To Peru 3:07
12. Oxley's Cell 2:16
13. Grave Robbers 0:55
14. Secret Doors and Scorpions 2:17
15. Orellana's Cradle 4:22
16. The Alien Body 0:52
17. "Return" 3:11
18. Auto-Writing 2:10
19. The Snake Pit 3:15
20. Escaping the Truck 0:59
21. The Jungle Chase 9:24
22. Ants! 4:40
23. Waterfall 0:10
24. Through Eyes and Tears 2:56
25. Ancient Protectors 1:33
26. Temple Entrance 2:38
27. Disappearing Stairs 0:35
28. Into The Temple 1:30
29. The Door Opens 2:16
30. The Chamber 2:30
31. Leaving the Temple 3:34
32. The Departure 2:26
33. Knowledge Was Their Treasure 1:53
34. Finale and End Credits 9:19
35. Raiders March 5:05
36. Call of the Crystal 3:49
37. Adventures of Mutt 3:12
38. Irina’s Theme 2:26