John Powell Talks Williams’ “Han Solo Theme”

Solo: A Star Wars story composer John Powell revealed in a recent interview that John Williams wrote more than one theme for the film:

“The thing that people are sort of gonna be interested in is, I think, is that [Williams] wrote tunes for this, and we demoed them at the beginning of the year. We all met together at the end of last year. Ron Howard, John and I came here and we sort of looked through the movie, and we spotted the movie together. I always said that if we are gonna do a movie, can we get Yoda? So, effectively it’s having Yoda in. So I knew he was gonna write a tune… but he wrote a couple of themes that were so wonderful, and instantly kind of unlocked the film for me, that I just took them and, you know… He did some demos, a few cues, here and there… tried them out… Filmmakers, everybody loved it, of course. It was working brilliantly. So I just took that and run with it. And his music is all over the movie, in lots of different versions that perhaps he would have done, or perhaps he wouldn’t have done.”

Powell also mentioned in a reply to one of his Instagram posts, that “John Williams’ Han Solo Theme appears in 16 tracks of the album”.

Williams attended the world premiere of the film last week at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.