New Williams interview in BBC Music Magazine

Composing film music will always be his main focus; indeed he believes it’s probably the only aspect of his writing that has any real value. That is, of course, doing himself a disservice, but that’s the composer’s way. When asked about looking back at his work for the screen, and whether he is particularly happy with or surprised by anything he now hears, Williams is typically modest.

‘There are some individual things that I’ve done – The Imperial March seems to me a perfectly shaped piece that works very well. I could probably name half-a-dozen other little things, but my character and psychology is one of being self-critical and wanting to improve things,’ he tells me. ‘I have to say that I don’t listen to things that I’ve done in the past almost ever; once in a while I might have a reason to, but my reaction is usually “oh that’s pretty good, but it would be better if I had done this or that.” I have a self-critic placed deep within me and I don’t think I can ever really feel perfect satisfaction.’

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