Boston, May 25 & 26 (Autograph Signing Reports)


From scottsinct:

“Well, he did come out about 45 minutes after the concert ended. Sadly, there were several people who didn’t even go to the concert (wearing old t-shirts and ratty pants) with literally dozens of CD’s bombarding Williams, who are then probably going to just sell them on eBay. He did sign many of them, and the security told them to leave, but they just went to a place Williams hadn’t been yet… when he got there, he saw them again, got upset, and got into the BSO1 car and left. So no picture with him this year. Just the attached photo while he was signing autographs”

From ETAndElliotForever:

“That was really unfortunate. They didn’t seem to be concert-goers. I was actually embarrassed. People were assaulting me from behind and I realized it was the same guys who’d been on the other side of the tape getting Star Wars junk and photos of Williams signed. I thought he wasn’t going to sign for me but one of the security guards told him I’d been waiting.”

From Foxfan:

Those hoodlums with stacks of LPs were certainly embarrassing. I hope they don’t show up again tonight and ruin the other fans’ chances. If I were John I would have been tempted to sign something other than my name…

I did manage to get a word in and say that I was looking forward to “War Horse” and “Tintin”, to which Williams replied “Oh.. War Horse is great.”



From Jason LeBlanc (click here to read Jason’s full review of the concert):

Unfortunately, there were several disreputable people there who clearly didn’t attend the concert (despite it not being sold out) and where just there in shorts and tshirts holding FIVE LPs they were hoping to get signed. After about half an hour or so, Williams came out. As soon as he did, MORE clowns came out and CUT in front of all of us concert goes with signed pictures and stuff. Trent’s friend succeeded in stopping one of them, but another one made it up front and had a nasty attitude when I told him that we had all been here first, how about being fair.

Williams didn’t stay long to sign stuff, I think mostly because of the disgraceful people with multiple items that kept going “John! John!” and totally crowding him. it sucked. Ugh. Show some respect people! Eventually he got in his car and left.

I really think the BPO needs to either create a place inside for Williams to sign where only ticket-holders can get to, or perhaps create some kind of formal line outside where you must show a ticket stub in order to get in line, and ask people to only get one item signed. SOMETHING needs to change. The experience outside was the only mark against an otherwise fabulous night!

From aviazn:

The resellers hounding him for autographs really were a shame—he was clearly not enjoying it.

Photos by Mark Z. (click to enlarge) – See full gallery



From proteussyndrome :

The autograph signing actually wasn’t that bad ! The security guy asked everyone to stay calm, not to wave anything in Williams face. No one came to disturb anyone. And I actually got my autograph !!!

That’s me touching John Williams hand ! (Someone is hiding my face)

From maritereh:

This was also the first time I tried to get an autograph… I started to cry when I saw him. I don’t know what happened to me… At first I was kind of ashamed but when JW looked at me, he gave me this tender and empathic look and he said: “Oh, that’s so sweet” before he signed my Superman LP. Even when my marker didn’t work, he was very patient and tried again until he was able to sign. This was one of the best experiences of my entire life…

From rpvee:

So after last Wednesday’s awesome experience, I doubted anything remotely as awesome could happen again soon. Yet I was in the city with my mother Saturday (my first day of summer vacation!), and as the 7:00 hour approached, I wondered if I could catch Williams arriving to the Hall. We headed over there, my mom with my “Star Wars” LP and me with the photo I posted earlier printed out wonderfully. Sure enough, after ten or fifteen minutes, Williams’ car pulled up, he got out, and walked right over to us!

He didn’t talk much, seemed to be in a bit of a hurry, but I wished him a great show with a quick pat on the shoulder, then he went to the other side, signed for the few other people, then darted inside. It was over in a matter of seconds! A hurry indeed, but he was still nice enough to sign, so thanks again, Mr. Williams! :D

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