SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET (1997) – Complete Cue List

Orchestrated by John Neufeld

1m3 Leaving Ingrid (Cue A)
1m3 (Insert) Leaving Ingrid (old Cue A)
1m3A The Rescue of Peter
1m5 Young Dali Lama (Cue B)
1m7 Meeting the Sherpa
3m1 Transported to Prison
3m2 Alone In Prison
3m4 The Barbed Wire Scene (Cue C)
3m6A The Escape
3m7-Long The Second Escape
3m11 Stealing Food
5m2 Sixty-Eight Kilometers
5m5 Heinrich’s Slow Growth (Cue E)
5m5A Escaping the Bandits
5m6 Horsemeat and Rescue
7m1AX The Capitol City
7m3 Western Clothes
7m5 Peter and Pema
9m1 Thinking by the Water
9m3 Meeting the Dali
11m4 Prophetic Dream
11m9A The Generals Enter
11m10 Praying Through A Telescope
13m1 Prepraring the Defense
13m2 The Tibetan Defeat
13m3 The Chinese Takeover
13m11 The Dali Lama’s Investiture
15m2 Regaining A Son (new)
15m3 End Credits

(Cue list contributed by Dillon Selph)