SUPERMAN – THE MOVIE (1978) – Complete Cue List

Orchestrated by Herbert Spencer, Arthur Morton, Angela Morley, John Williams

1m1 Main Title Pt. 1 (Opening Introduction)
1m1 Pt 2 Main Title Pt. 2
1m1A Krypton (New Opening Kryptonopolis)
1m1alt Main Title
1m2 Kryptonoplis
1m2alt Kryptonoplis
1m3 Revised The Done Opens
1m3alt The Done Opens
2m1 The Council’s Decision
2m2 The Kryptonquake (The Krypton Quake)
3m2 Baby’s Trip to Earth (To Earth)
3m2 Baby Makes an Entrance
3m4 Sunday Meeting
3m5 Baby Lifts Lorry
4m1 Kansas High School
4m2 Racing the Train
4m3 Kansas Kids
4m4/5m1 Jonathan’s Death
5m3 Kryptonite Calls
4m4/5m1 The Fortress of Solitude (Fortress of Solitude)
5m2 Father’s Instruction
5m2 Late Night Country Music
5m3 Father’s Instruction Part 2
7m1 The Mugger
7m1 More Mugger
6m2/7m1 Introducing Otis
7m2/8m1 Helicopter Sequence
8m2 The Burglar Sequence
9m2 Chasing Crooks
8m4 The Cat Rescue
8m5 Air Force One
9m4 Luthor’s Luau
10m1 Lois Pad
10m2 The Penthouse
10m3 I Like Pink
10m4/11m1 I Can Fly (Flying Sequence)
10m4/11m1 I Can Fly
11m2 To the Moon
11m3 Flying Part III (Song: Can You Read My Mind)
11m4 Clark Loses His Nerve
11m1 The Truck Convoy
11m1A The Truck Convoy Part 2
11m2 Miss Teschmacher Helps
11m3 Can You Read My Mind (original version)
11m3Alt Can You Read My Mind (non-vocal version)
12m1 To the Lair
12m2 Trajectory Malfunction
12m3 Luthor’s Lethal Weapon
13m1 Miss T’s Rescue
13m2 Chasing Rockets
13m3 The Golden Gate Bridge
13m4 The Rescue of Jimmy
14m1 Pusing Boulders
14m2 Flying to Lois
14m3 Turning Back the World
14m3alt Turning Back the World
14m4/15m1 The Prison Yard
16m2 Lois Car Radio
End Title
Love Theme from Superman (End Credits Part II)
The March of the Villains

(Cue list contributed by Dillon Selph)