THE RIVER (1984) – Complete Cue List

Orchestrated by Herbert Spencer

R1P1 The River
R1P2 Leaving Home
R1P2ALT Leaving Home (Alternate)
R2P2 The Family
R2P2 Album Fix
R3P1 The Kids Separate
R3P1 Extension
R4P2 The Garvey Family
R5P4-R6P1 On The Dock
R7P1 The Tractor Scene
R7P2 Dialing The Hospital
R7P2 Short Intro
R7P2ALT Dialing The Hospital (Alternate)
R8P3 The Telephone Call
R9P1 The Hotel Scene
R9P2 Releasing The Door
R10P1 Returning Home
R12P2-R13P1 Holding Back The Water
R12P2-R13P1ALT More Sandbags
R13P2 End Credits
R9P1 The Hotel Scene – Extended (Record Version)
R12P2-R13P1 Holding Back The Water (Record Version)
R8P3 Extension (Record Version)
Young Friends Farewell (Record Version)