Adapted and Conducted by Alexander Courage
Orchestrated by Frank Barber, Harry RobertsMA [1mA] Fanfare
M1 [1m2] Space Saver
M2 [1m1] Main Title
M3 [1m4] Back in Time
M5 [1m5/2m1] Pow!
M5A Good Morning
M7A Smoke the Yokes
M8 [2m5] Nefarious
M10A [2m6] To Work
M13 [2m7] Train Stopper
Someone Like You (Lacy’s Theme)
Someone Like You (Lacy’s Theme) (slow version)
Jeremy’s Theme
M8A [2m8] For Real
M14 [2m9] The Class
M15 [2m10] Hair Raisers
M16 [3m1] Lacy
M17 The Visit
M18 First Nuclear Man
Superfly Guy (unused)
M19 Headphone Heaven (unused)
M20 Revolution Now (unused)
M21 Saxy Sadie (unused)
Krypton Nights (unused)
Life’s Too Dangerous (unused)
M22 Nuc 1 Fight
M23 Ashes
M25 [3m2] Headline
M26 [3m3] Fresh Air
M26 [3m3] Fresh Air (album version)
M28 [4m1] United Nations
M29 [4m2] Net Man
M30 [4m3] Sunstroke
M31 [5m1] Enter Nuclear Man 2
M32 [5m2] Workout
M33 [5m5] Flight to Earth
M35 [5m6] Introducing Nuclear Man 2
M16 [5m7] Lacy (disco version)
M36 [5m8/6m1] Lacy’s Place (French Farce)
M37 [6m2] Ear Ache
M37A [6m2A] Hello, Dolly
M38 [6m3] Confrontation
M39 [6m4/7m1] Tornado Fight
M40 [7m2] Volcano Fight
M41 [7m3] Red Square Band
M42 [7m4/8m1] Statue of Liberty Fight
M43 [8m2] Down With Flu
M43A Two-Faced Lex
M44 Missile Buildup
M45 [8m3] Persuader
M46 [8m4] Nuke Awakes
M47 Abducted
M48 Mutual Distrust
M49 [9m1] Metropolis Fight
M50 [9m2] Lift to the Moon
M51 [9m3] Moon Fight
M52 [9m4/5] Goodbye Nuke
M53 [9m6] Come Uppance
M54 [10m3] Lifted
M55 [10m4] Quarried
M58 Flying with Jeremy
M59 [10m5] End Credits
Nuclear Man Theme