Orchestrated by Conrad Pope, Eddie Karam

1m1 Opening III
1m3A That’s a Lie
1m4x Aunt Marge Points the Finger
1m5 Parents Portrait
1mC The Empty Playground
1mD The Knight Bus
1m8 The Knight Bus Ride “Concerto for Hub Caps”
1m9 Newspaper Headliner
1m9A Squeeze Play
1m9B Second Collision
2m1 The Book Attacks
2m2A Discussing Black
2m3 The Train to Hogwarts Version I
2m3 The Train to Hogwarts Version II
2m4 The Dementor Appears
2m5 Something Wicked Intro
2m6 Dumbledore’s Warning
2m8 Double Trouble March
2m9+10 Rainy Nights, Dementors, and Birds
2m10 You Have the Grim
3m1+2 Double Trouble on the Hill
3mC Befriending the Hippogriff
3mCA Riding the Hippogriff
3m5-5A Bonding with Hippogriff and Sir Cadogan Again
3m5B Kids Inspect Newspaper etc
3m6 Snape Dresses Up
3m6A The Spider
3m6B The Snake
3m7x New Beginning
3m7A Clown Out of the Cupboard
3m9 Revealing the Bridge
3m10 Remembering Mother
3m10 Alt. Remembering Mother Alternate
3m11 The Portrait Scene
3mE The Great Hall Ceiling
3m12 Revised The Great Hall Ceiling
3m13 Sir Cadogan (for Dufay Ensemble & Percussion)
4m2 Quidditch 2004
4m2xV Choral Overlay
4m3+4 Enter Winter
4m3+4 New Woods Walk and Birds Flight
4m5 Map to Snow Scene
4mC Snow Fight
4m10 Brief Snow Scene
4m11 Explore Your Past
4m13 Harry and Voices
4m14 Dueling the Dementor
4m14 Insert for Patronus Light
5m1 Buckbeak’s Sentence
5m2 Reading the Map
5m2A Reveal Your Secret
5m3 The Mention of Pettigrew
5m5 The Crystal Ball
5m6 The Executioner
5m7 The Walk to Buckbeak
5m8 Buckbeak is Sentenced
5m9 Scabbers Runs
5m10 The Whomping Willow
6m2 The Confrontation Scene
6m4 Sirius and Harry
6m5 Werewolf Scene
6m5 Pt. II
6m5AN First Frozen Lake
6m7 Reviewing the Recent Past
7m1 Viewing the Recent Past
7m1A Saving Buckbeak
7m1B Bats Extension
7m2 My Dad Conjured the Patronus
7m2A String Overlay
7m3 Buckbeak Saves the Day
7m4 Watching the Past
7m5 The Rescue of Sirius
7m6 Sirius Final Scene
7m6A Turning Time Back
7m7 Ext. Whomping Willow
7m7 Rev. Whomping Willow Revisited
7m9 Lupin’s Departure
7m11 A New Broomstick
7m12 End Credits
Harry Potter III Trailer