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  2. I love M83's Oblivion. But obviously The Book Thief is the best score of that year.
  3. The best score of 2013 was The Desolation of Smaug.
  4. Grand Piano is the clear winner. Although it's highly pastichey, it's also highly entertaining.
  5. We are going to eat there, but have no solid plans beyond that. PM me? I almost never check Facebook these days.
  6. Today
  7. You have dinner plans? I sent you a FB message yesterday
  8. Can’t be bothered this go around. None of the above made an impression.
  9. I don't think it will be available anywhere as a live video broadcast. I'm contemplating whether to stay awake until 2AM and hear the premiere live or go to sleep and hear it fresh in the morning...
  10. https://www.classicalwcrb.org/show/the-boston-symphony-orchestra/2021-06-11/a-world-premiere-with-anne-sophie-mutter So this link ist only for audio stream? Can I watch it live as a video broadcast anywhere
  11. I picked John Carter. Lincoln is the best music of the bunch. But I retain my belief it is not a great score. The score does not make its presence felt in the movie at all. If you just watched the movie, you might not come away thinking it has a great score. A good score, but not great. On album, Lincoln’s music is masterpiece level. John Carter is a magnificent score. It is Gia’s chance to write a big old fashioned balls out thematic score and he delivers in spades. His score is also brilliant IN THE FILM.
  12. The Wind Rises is beautiful beyond words.
  13. Do you listen to it ensconced in velvet?
  14. Yep! Although the lack of Uber service in this town isn’t making life any easier!
  15. To be fair to War of the Worlds, that came straight from the source. Those people are harmfully photoshopped. I just watched Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. Fun film. Probably the film where the franchise became "Watch Tom Cruise do his own insane stunt work." That part certainly wasn't an element of 1, 2 is best forgotten, -- I'm fuzzy on 3. All I remember is they actually gave the "masks" a "science", Philip Seymore Hoffman was great, the plot with the wife. If there were insane Cruise stunts I don't recall. GP is also the only M:I film (I think) where
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