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  1. Because it's already received several increasingly complete releases and is now in unlimited stock. That is all. Discuss! (No, wait, don't.)
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  2. I'm not sure if I understand the whole need for TLOTR to be "real" versus a metaphor. If you think that Middle-Earth and its fanciful fauna and magic actually existed at some point in our history or that Tolkien explicitly implies that it has, and you want to know why balrogs and dragons and trolls aren't found in the fossil record, or if you could set your ship towards the spot of Numenor, you are delusional. TLOTR is set in a possible historic or prehistoric Europe so that Tolkien doesn't have to reinvent all of the wheel with regard to his story. A bird is still a bird and a horse is still a horse and a man is still a man and the sun still comes up in the east and people still smoke tobacco and raise potatoes and drown in water and fear the cold and all that sort of thing. If it were set on a different planet, like on Barsoom or a fictional Mercury of antiquity where they still quote Shakespeare, then JRRT would have had to invent and explain a lot more than he already did. The fantastical beasts like goblins, trolls, and dragons, and the wonderful like elves, little people, and tree folk were mostly borrowed from existing Norse, Celtic, and German mythologies, making JRRT's job less difficult and allowing him to work on telling a story. JRRT did hate metaphor and never planned on his tale to be an allegory, not even for The Great War or the bigger one that followed. Whatever parallels you draw are your own devices and there will be inconsistencies in how you draw these conclusions. Frankly, I have heard that Tolkien's first love was the languages that he created for his world, and the stories he told were simply the means by which his languages were created, evolved, and were used in daily lives. The stories, of course, put food on his table and made him a wealthy famous old man.
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  3. Quintus

    Upcoming Films

    My awesome psychic power of trailer judgement told me that movie was going to be utter shite. Two hours of my life and £15.80 in admission tickets saved, I'm a god damn marvel of modern science.
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