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  1. filmmusic

    Godfather theme in major!

    this guy does various music pieces in the parallel minor/or major scale of an original piece. It sounds difficult to manipulate the original recording but anyway. here's the Godfather theme! I really hope he could do some Williams! (eg. Imperial March or something)
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  2. Make preparations for the EXPLANATIONS.
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  3. Wojo

    Horizontal Not Vertical ?

    I prefer to analyze his music horizontally because laying down is so relaxing.
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  4. WOW! John is open and wanting to compose the new Star Wars films?! What great news! A few things: - Star Wars would be dead to me without Williams. Sure, I'd watch them eventually... but... they'd be dead. Williams' music is the lifeblood of the series. The heart and soul. Without Williams, then what we know to be Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and the prequels would not have existed. Star Wars would have come and gone, forgotten outside of a few small pockets of avid sci-fi cult classic followers (aka virginal nerds in their forties playing dress-up). Without Williams' music, the first two prequels would have been almost completely horrid trash outside of a good lightsaber fight in I and seeing Padme in a tight suit in II, and the relentless latter half of Revenge of the Sith would have been far less impactful and moving. I am one who enjoyed the prequel scores as much as the original Trilogy scores. All six are masterpieces to me. To consider another composer with Williams alive and willing to do them would be blasphemous. I never was a big Harry Potter fan, but I stopped watching the Potter movies after Williams stopped composing for them. I may get around to them some day, but I lost a great deal of interest. Sure, some other composer could come in and do an adequate job - but Star wars would eventually become as meaningless as any other multi-film franchise that has multiple writers, directors, composers and stars. Just another movie series. - Uni?! Is that you? I haven't seen that name in ages! How great to see! - Wait... wha?! Since when did rude-@$$, ignorant-@$$ anti-Williams posters take over this board? They can't be trolls, because they aren't very funny or clever. Or is it just being an ignorant dick attempting to be "postmodern" funny? Hmm. Oh well... my interest has come and gone with that.
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