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    Starting at 12:11 Here's the actual cameo, for those who haven't seen it:
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    The Hobbit Film Trilogy Thread

    Wow we've really run out of things to talk about today haven't we.
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    The interview was made during Spielberg's last trip to India (March 2013), his first visit to the country since the filming of TOD 30 years ago. Confirming and expanding Spileberg's own words:
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    But all is so fast.... It's a shame tolkien did not write an adult version after the success of LOTR... But well now i'm more in tune with PJ changes, so good came from it i think.
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    "In a world...where books are stolen."
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    Indeed. I wish this guy would stop fast-forwarding through the commercials because I'm trying to get the number for a fold-away trouser press I saw whizzing by, it's infuriating.
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    Lincoln SCORE Discussion thread

    I think the score for Lincoln is equal in achievement to Raiders, to name just but one generally agreed upon JW 'classic'. I also think that the film is one of Spielberg's most accomplished pictures. Oh, how I hope he might direct the recently announced new adaptation of The Grapes of Wrath.
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    That's pretty close to what I thought some time ago when I had my last shot at 4am, went to work at 5.30am, and threw up on my first patient's floor at 5.32am. Luckily, she had dementia.
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    Understood. My rating system can't agree with everyone and I certainly get that. For example, any one of Howard Shore's LOTR scores is miles better in my book than Zimmer's Man of Steel. Those are definitely 5 star scores and if you end up popping by my site, you'll see that I give those out sparingly. Man of Steel, though, is a 4 for me because that was what I arrived at. For FilmMusicMedia it's a 5 and for Filmtracks it's a 1. Who's right? No idea, but I can tell you which one liked it and which one didn't. That's really all my star ratings mean... I liked it because of this or despite that and I think it's a good score. You and many other people are welcomed to and will most likely disagree with my opinion. That's kind of what I've signed up for unfortunately... it's a risk tackling the most controversial score of the year for your first ever review. However, I do sincerely hope your day is going better for you and appreciate you taking the time to visit regardless. As was requested, hug extended and awaiting reply. Happy listening! -John
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    A few things amigo. First, I appreciate the time and thought you've taken to rip me a new one. Seeing that I'm just starting out at this, that's probably the most attention anyone's given to the site yet. Way to go you! Second, no I don't have a rating system that makes sense... honestly I don't think rating systems really can make perfect sense. Or at least there will always be holes to pick in them. I look at each score individually and go with my gut for a rating. If I like it, it's okay in my book and it doesn't matter if it's Williams or Djawadi. If you try to compare 4 star reviews... sure it's going to piss you off. And my credibility? None whatsoever. I'm not someone who has studied this academically nor someone who's spent time working in the industry. I'm just a 19 year old kid from the East Coast who's been obsessed with film music for as long as I can remember and has listened to a lot of it. It's my passion and that's why I started this site. Not to please everyone. (You've also mentioned just a few of my favorites, like Star Trek: The Motion Picture... “The Enterprise" is my ringtone.) Happy listening and thanks to everyone who's been supportive!
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