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    Me? Try new things? Surely you are not serious?
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    These are all really fascinating finds and illustrations you have done here BloodBoal. My only problem is that my browser (Firefox) goes berserk and the CPU usage hits through the roof with so many embedded videos on the pages.
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    The Hobbit Film Trilogy Thread

    Holm battled cancer, has lost weight and is obviously a lot more frail these days. Cut him some slack.
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    Hopefully that and The First Contact theme which is also awesome being played live. In fact why don't they play the Star Trek medley that Goldsmith arranged for his concerts? They can probably add Nemesis (preferably Final Flight) in there somewhere 'cause JG didn't added that when he's still doing concerts.
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    The J.R.R Tolkien Discussion Thread

    I think those book covers are an allegory of the cycle of life: Hobbit: Egg cells ready for conception FOTR: Sperm cells ready for egg hunt Two Towers: Flags are being planted; fertilization ROTK: A tree has sprouted; birth
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    Nice! You're cured of your lycanthropy!
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    A month before the event, things become clearer and below is the 3-day program prepared by the Hollywood in Vienna team. http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/hollywood-in-vienna-the-program/
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    LOL!!!!!!! (please say it isn't true...).
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    Mr. Breathmask

    The Hobbit Film Trilogy Thread

    Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings + Peter Jackson's King Kong = Peter Jackson's The Hobbit
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    New book about John Williams! (in Spanish)

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    Non, je ne regrette rien, Lee! Its a new and interesting technology and i wanted to see if it worked for me. Go out of your comfort zone a little bit, my dear lad. Yes he was a very well executed character. Like Barry Humphries Goblin King. Gives hope Smaug will be great. Seeing the film again, they really worked on Gollum. Every shot is perfect. His eyes look breathtaking. I honestly would not mind if PJ went back and redid Gollum in LOTR with this quality of rendering.
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    My second viewing was a lot better than my first. I still wasn't quite back to the Middle-Earth I loved, but I did enjoy the film a lot more. For instance, as much as I dislike the first warg attack scene, I couldn't help but actually enjoy the beautifully shot New Zealand vistas with Jackson's usual swooping camera shots. But in the end, my mind always falls back to its cons, of which it has many.
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    I just came back from my second viewing of The Hobbit: AUJ I had mixed feelings about my first viewing. First of all this film had a lot to live up too. Even though I never expected it to be as good as FOTR, I did really want it to be good, to involve me, to immerse me again in PJ's version of Tolkien's world. To move me. At my first viewing, I liked it. Parts of it I liked a lot. But I never felt like I was drawn back in, immersed like I was in 2001, 2002 and 2003. It was weird seeing this film, many of the same actors, but slightly older, slightly different. Familiar, yet somehow now. Also the 3D and especially the HFR distracted from the experience. Instead of being immersed, it put a buffer between me and the film. I was watching, not feeling. Today I watched it in 2D, standard frame rate. And the dreaded weight of anticipation was lifted from it's shoulders. I enjoyed it sooo much better then before. I felt like I was back. It was the Middle Earth I knew and loved. It's far from a perfect film, there are many things you can complain about. (much of BB's enormous review I agree with) But tonight it made me feel happy. It made me feel young again.
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