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    The sketchbook is one of the most interesting things on the album. I like how old Hans seems to be taking a more Vangelis-like route in his "ethereal synth" writing recently. Karol
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    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Terrible film, great score? Ya.
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    What a great box, so glad I bought one !! And saying I found Kamen's scores functional in the films, but could not imagine enjoying them outside of them for many years... Until that box came along. Boy, what an ear-opener !!! Now listening to Black Rain (Hans Zimmer) LLL Disc 2. Not my favourite Zimmer, I bought this before it went OOP, but it does have its moments. The album is fun, the score side a little less...
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    Empire Of The Sun - La-La Land 2CD

    Yes, but I linked you to a site where you can educate yourself on the great releases he has worked on. He hasn't really been attached to any of the bad ones.
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    I think the music works superbly. It was also probably my most played car soundtrack cd that year.
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    Here's a clip of David Arnold singing "The World Is Not Enough" He has a really great voice! It was an awesome concert and I'll be posting a couple more videos soon.
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    After selling some DVDs, I used what I got to purchase the out-of-print THE THIRD MAN blu-ray by Criterion ($170!!!). This is one I've been wanting to grab for the longest time and it's truly a joy to watch it in HD, seeing post-WWII Vienna in gorgeous black and white photography (this may be my #1 favorite B&W shot flick). It's a bitch to buy an out of print Criterion title, but once I pop in that blu-ray I have no regrets.
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    The musical preserves much of the lyrics of the final cue (start at 9:22): Ndabe zitha (King of kings) Nkosi yetha (Our king) Mholi wezwe lethu (Rule of our land) Lefattshe la botnata rona (This land of our ancestors) Lea halalela (Holy land) Busa le lizwe bo (Rule this land) Busa le lizwe bo Busa le lizwe bo Lethu busa ngoxolo (Rule with peace) Is'khathi sifikile (The time has come) Is'khathi busa iyo (It's time, rule) Is'khathi sifikile Busa lomhlaba (Rule this land) Is'khathi sifikile (The time has come) Is'khathi sifikile Busa Simba (Rule, Simba) Busa Simba Ususe ngo xolo (Rule with peace) Ubuse ngo thando (Rule with love) Ususe ngo xolo Ubuse ngo thando Ususe ngo xolo
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    Rhythm of the Pride Lands was a "music inspired by" album that was released in the 90s, and the liner notes contain some African (Zulu? Swahili? Xhosa? All the above?) lyrics that are shared with the score and songs from the film. For instance, the chant from "Circle of Life" is apparently: Ingonyama nengw' enamabala (Here is a lion and a tiger) On a deeper level, a song called "Lea Halalela (Holy Land)" shares some melodic ideas and lyrics with parts of the score to the film. Compare these lyrics to 8:52 in "The Rightful King": Uzo libusa (You will rule) Le lizwe (This land) Uli buse kahle (Rule it with care) Sounds like they sing "Simba" instead of "kahle", and then it repeats. Then there's "Busa", which is an expansion of the celebratory material heard during the end credits, among other places. Near as I can tell, 10:55 in "The Rightful King" would be: Busa le lizwe (Rule this land) Busa le lizwe (Rule this land) Busa lomhlaba wethu (Rule this land of ours) Busa ngo xolo (Rule with peace) Busa ngo thando (Rule with love) Busa ngo thando (Rule with love) Busa ngo thando (Rule with love) Busa ngo xolo (Rule with peace) Ubuse ngo thando (You must rule with love) Ubuse ngo xolo (You must rule with peace) Ubuse ngo thando (You must rule with love) Busa Simba busa Simba (Rule Simba, rule Simba) Hemna iyo [no translation given for these three lines] Hemna iyo Hemna nkosi Oh busa Simba iyo (Rule Simba) Then 3:38 in "Remember Who You Are" corresponds to some material from the song "Lala": We sangoma ngi velelwe (Oh, spiritual healer, I'm troubled) We baba ngivelelwe (Oh, my father, I'm in pain) We baba ngivelelwe (Oh, my father, I'm in pain) Cool stuff, huh?
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    Gotta have TOD on there "I'm going home to Missouri where they never feed you snakes before ripping your heart out and lowering you into hot pits! This is NOT my idea of a swell time!"
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    My brother in law was in the orchestra for this. He knows my obsession and sent me a couple pics. They're just cell phone, sorry about quality. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello from Sweden!

    Oh, Alice, dear where have you been? So near, so far or in between? What have you heard what have you seen? Alice, Alice, please, Alice! Oh, tell us are you big or small To try this one or try them all It’s such a long, long way to fall Alice, Alice, oh, Alice How can you know this way not that? You choose the door you choose the path Perhaps you should be coming back Another day, another day And nothing is quite what is seems You’re dreaming are you dreaming, oh, Alice? (Oh, how will you find your way? Oh, how will you find your way?) (There’s not time for tears today. There’s no time for tears today.) So many doors – how did you choose So much to gain so much to lose So many things got in your way No time today, no time today Be careful not to lose your head Just think of what the doormouse said…Alice! Did someone pull you by the hand? How many miles to JWFanland? Please tell us so we’ll understand Alice…Alice…Oh, Alice (Oh how will you find you way? … Oh, how will you find you way?) Lyrics courtesy of Danny Elfman, message approved by the population of JWFan!
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    Miguel Andrade

    JW doing the World Series

    As anyone read this? Are this guys deaf? What's the big problem here? A little bit of dissonance? I fear for the future of mankind (arts wise) if they fail to understand the quality in an arrangement because it uses another sort of musical device that is absent in the current top one song...
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