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    Bad for his back.
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    The Hunted by Kodo: A 1995 Christopher Lambert action thriller scored by the famed Japanese taiko performing arts ensemble Kodo. The end result is to Western ears quite authentically Japanese in style and instrumentation (right down to the conventional Japanese shouts while playing the taikos during the piece Matsuri (Irodori)) with conventional synth and woodwind interludes (the different versions of Kirina's Theme) providing a few more melodic moments along the way. Otherwise the score is overwhelmingly focused on rhythms and momentum. The drums, the drums are everywhere!
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    The bad guys outfits of the original trilogy where inspired by Nazis... this one seems to be a little Mao-esque!
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    I like how these look like photographs of something rather than some fake looking, over stylised crowd shot from the prequels. It reminds me of something out of the old Soviet Union. The entire picture actually feels cold. You can relate to it very easily. The prequels in many instances were beautiful to look at but they didn't have spark a feeling that could easily be related to. IMHO
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    Competitive gaming is not for me, I just want to have fun exploiting the rules that the developers set. I've always played Halo for the campaigns alone, I tried to get into the whole online thing, it didn't interest me at all.
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    I'm interested in it. Currently I'm watching Californication, when that's finished I'll start with the biker gang.
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    Hopefully there's some sort of single player mode with bots. It's what I played the most in the previous installments, and I had great fun with that. I prefer to be not among players with superhuman reflexes, even if they play as Jedi knights. It's essentially what kills the enjoyment of online games for me... Getting killed 10 times by someone 10 times as fast as me gets annoying quickly. Give me great balanced enemy A.I. over superhumans
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    HBO's Westworld

    Twice the pride. Double the fall.
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    It was new music in 2005.
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    What a silly thread!
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    ??https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6SerR3oHNE D.W. loved that damn song.
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    STAR WARS general thread

    Posted that in the True Detective thread, but for those of you who don't visit it:
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    Mr. Breathmask


    Well, they shot incredibly long films. The first one is just too long. It feels like an extended edition, even in its theatrical form. The second one is alright. It moves at a decent pace and offers a nice roller coaster ride, suitable for any other dumb popcorn film. But the third one feels gutted. It might have something to do with the short running time (for a Middle-earth film), but many plot threads set up in the first and second film seem to ultimately go nowhere. Alfrid is annoyingly kept around for a long time and then just disappears. Parts of the battle seem entirely glossed over. The dead Dwarves get no proper send off. Bilbo digs up the Troll hoard apparently off-screen. Beorn gets horribly short-changed and - as it stands - could have been eliminated from these films altogether. Surely, there must be more footage somewhere that would have all this make sense? So despite the trilogy's length, it feels incomplete at some points. Especially when you look at the individual films. With the films being what they are, I'd like to see the extra footage that would connect a few more dots and make each film a bit more complete. And most of this has to do with B-stories. Gandalf's quest, Laketown shenanigans, the way the final battle was intended to play out in full, that sort of stuff. On the whole however, the point still stands that this story - you know, the one about Bilbo the Hobbit joining a bunch of Dwarves on a quest to capture a mountain filled with gold - drags on for ever and ever. It's especially noticeable when you watch the trilogy back to back. You know that whole dragon battle at the end of Desolation of Smaug? I can almost forgive them that when I watch just DoS. At least it gave the film a climax that sort of lives up to the action in the first half of the film. I guess. But watch this between An Unexpected Journey and The Battle of the Five Armies, knowing that dragon is going to fly off to Laketown anyway, and you'll experience how pointless the whole thing really is. It's a twenty minute sequence that exists solely to fill in a blank on a single movie's story structure checklist. It has no purpose to the overall plot or development of any of the characters involved. In fact, it features so many narrow escapes that it ultimately lessens the threat of Smaug. After all, it's stated in AUJ that a dragon can reduce you to a pile of ash within a matter of seconds. Yet here, flames burst out around our heroes several times and everyone walks away without as much as a singed beard. It's this kind of vapid filmmaking (honestly, it's Middle-earth's equivalent of the conveyor belt sequence from Attack of the Clones) that leads to a feeling of indulgence on behalf of the makers and the trilogy feeling unnecessarily stretched . And these problems will likely remain if you watch all three extended editions back to back, even if the three individual films might be slightly improved and better balanced. I guess we'll find out for sure in November.
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    I can't wait for Star Wars Anthology: Dawn of Jira (2032) "She thought her bones were aching from early onset arthritis, but what she discovered next would change the galaxy forever."
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