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    http://disneystudiosawards.s3.amazonaws.com/ <ListBucketResult xmlns="http://s3.amazonaws.com/doc/2006-03-01/"> <Name>disneystudiosawards</Name> <Prefix/> <Marker/> <MaxKeys>1000</MaxKeys> <IsTruncated>false</IsTruncated> <Contents> <Key>coco_original_score.zip</Key> <LastModified>2017-12-21T23:49:37.000Z</LastModified> <ETag>"c64d0bad138ba84f4ce188b905626b6a"</ETag> <Size>89914426</Size> <StorageClass>STANDARD</StorageClass> </Contents> <Contents> <Key>thelastjedi_original_score.zip</Key> <LastModified>2017-12-26T19:05:24.000Z</LastModified> <ETag>"a5ab0609bb431feb417ea6c35e9ab191"</ETag> <Size>91544958</Size> <StorageClass>STANDARD</StorageClass> </Contents> <Contents> <Key>thor_original_score.zip</Key> <LastModified>2017-12-21T23:49:33.000Z</LastModified> <ETag>"d6d9e08bb5ff9f13601d92441d1226f2"</ETag> <Size>81109784</Size> <StorageClass>STANDARD</StorageClass> </Contents> </ListBucketResult> If you do this: http://disneystudiosawards.s3.amazonaws.com/thelastjedi_original_score.zip and hit enter, you get an 87 MB Zip to download. You get a collection of mp3s at 192k.
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    BOOM!!! Great job, @NL197 http://disneystudiosawards.s3.amazonaws.com/thelastjedi_original_score.zip
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    How many new themes did Williams need to write for TLJ to compete with the existing themes? The First Order didn't really need a theme since Kylo and Snoke already have their own themes and are also the biggest threats of the First Order. Having two big bad guys themes (one for Kylo and one for the First Order in general) would have been way too much. Two new and most prominent characters, Rose and Holdo, were given themes to represent them and their situations. Rose's theme gets a lot of attention for a secondary character. Even Luke got a secondary theme. I guess the Porgs could have gotten a theme of their own or the caretakers but they weren't in the film that much so why bother. Maybe DJ could have had a musical identity as well. I'm not sure why people were expecting Williams to expand or change existing themes for characters when he hasn't done that in past. In fact, he sometimes drops themes or minimizes them in later installments, such as Anakin's theme. In a way, we're lucky there's some music continuity between TFA and TLJ while still offering something new.
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    I'm late for work.
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    Made a simple OST/FYC combo playlist based on CGCJ's Analysis, and shamelessly ripped off the formatting from Jay's OST/FYC playlists for TFA and Rogue One (Sorry Jay ) 01) OST 07 The Rebellion is Reborn (Concert Arrangement) 02) FYC 01 Escape 03) OST 02 Ahch-To Island 04) OST 03 Revisiting Snoke 05) OST 04 The Supremacy 06) FYC 04 Admiral Holdo 07) FYC 05 Fun With Finn and Rose 08) OST 06 Old Friends 09) OST 08 Lesson One 10) OST 09 Canto Bight 11) FYC 09 The Master Codebreaker 12) OST 10 Who Are You? 13) OST 11 The Fathiers 14) OST 12 The Cave 15) OST 13 The Sacred Jedi Texts 16) FYC 12 Rey's Journey 17) FYC 13 A New Alliance 18) FYC 14 Holdo's Resolve 19) OST 15 "Chrome Dome" 20) FYC 16 The Battle of Crait 21) FYC 17 The Spark 22) FYC 18 The Last Jedi 23) OST 19 Peace and Purpose 24) FYC Finale Runtime = 1hr 31m
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    YESSSSSS "The Last Jedi" features that fucking awesome statement of Rey's theme at the start!!!
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    Indeed! Thank you. We simply have no idea how "inspired" Williams was and how it expressed himself. Assumptions should be treated as just that.
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    I felt this album needed the 3 pivotal statements of Rey's theme - the lightsaber cue, Rey's Journey, and the start of The Last Jedi. The latter 2 are on the FYC so I am plenty happy. Did not expect to get any one of the three.
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    I'm really glad Rey's Journey is on it. It sounds amazing. That awesome version of her theme at the start of The Last Jedi is really cool too. Just a shame the training music is missing.
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    Duel of the Fates, Anakin's, Darth Maul's, Qui Gon's, Jar Jar's, The Trade Federation - that's more than enough for a Williams' score. Here, there's three motifs, and maybe another one hiding somewhere but I doubt it.
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    It's not the lack of new themes that bothers me. It's the reliance on music that is pasted directly from old cues. consider ROTS, which used the force theme a lot but in very interesting ways IMO. Or the set pieces (ie ROTS opener) that don't introduce many new themes but are still different than previous music we've heard. Instead of just tracking in TIE fighter attack. which is not to say there is no new music in TLJ - there's just less. Some of it is good, some is not
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    My guess is there's a vocal minority who has a beef with the film. But Disney can easily ignore those.
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    the mstrox thread

    Ah right! That explains that so! SAINT Stefan’s Day. Have a quality street
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    In this respect, the backlash is missing the point because it focuses too much on what this film does with the "mechanics", so to speak, of this fictional world, where it should be focusing on the dramatic development of the story arcs. This is why I think people who are criticising the backlash and saying that, when the dust settles this film will be considered great, are also missing the point: this film has NARRATIVE issues. Not just fandom-related ones. Its too long, it has at least one subplot which is entirely useless, and some of the characters don't feel fulfilled. Those are not petty criticisms, they are important drawbacks that this film unfortunately suffers from.
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    Sometimes the quiet pieces such as 'The Cave' would eventually become skipped in a future listening experience, but the quiet pieces of TLJ are still captivating. I love what Williams does in those mysterious Ren/Rey exchanges and Rey's exploration of the island.
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    Fuck, I can't wait for all these self-proclaimed know-it-alls, who clearly know better than Rian Johnson and John Williams on how to score a Star Wars film, to discover that Williams himself approved of and wrote all these returning ideas. Like, fuck, what would John Williams know about writing Star Wars music? The guy clearly has no fucking idea! Thank fuck we have the armchair critics on JWFan who know better.
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    I think the prequel scores were always regarded as one of the few redeeming qualities of the prequels. People are just bitching that Williams hasn't written DOTF MKII for the ST.
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    It's a Christmas miracle!
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    The lack of villain material is fine with me! I find the listening experience significantly better this way. How exciting that we got this for Christmas!
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    Big statement of Poe's Theme in "Escape". Brilliant!
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    Getting back to some specifics on the OST, I thought the statement of Leia's theme when she and Kylo Force-sense each other in battle was exquisite (the later harp statement is truly poignant, but this one's good too!): The thing I most like about it is how differently it is treated from more typical Leia statements, even ones in battles, where it tends to be involved in creating a very dissonant polytonal setting, the accompaniment doing something in one key, Leia's theme doing another. Overall, these are so harmonically disconnected from the accompaniment that they create a feeling of beauty amid surrounding chaos. In this track from TLJ, we still get something polytonal, but now the two keys are as closely related as one can get. Leia's theme is in a major key as usual (here, Db major), but the bass note against it is the tonic of its relative minor (Bb). Not only this, but there's a mid-range cluster chord against it as well. Major against minor is a musically fitting way of representing the conflict in Kylo at this point - will he come down on the good side here and not take the shot on Leia, or will he treat her as he did Han and go ahead with it? The cluster chord adds that haze of dissonance that provides a clear tension between these two sides as well, making it musically even more nail-biting at this crucial moment. It's these sorts of scorings of old themes that I really enjoy in TLJ. This is just one example among many.
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    Nice mournful brass rendition of the Resistance March in 'Admiral Holdo.'
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    Escape has a totally different opening even with the main title removed. Finale is extended to 9 minutes....lots to discover to be sure.
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    Compare the track lengths, there are minor differences there as well. Cheers, everyone.
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    Could someone please explain the scene where Rey sees mirror images of herself in the cave to me? I'm still scratching my head over that, probably because I was expecting a much darker scene (akin to the ESB one where Luke decapitates the Vader force vision).
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    The scatterbrained term could be applied to all of them. And i find at least the minor mode training motif in TLJ dramatically strong enough to be counted as a worthy entry. Be that as it may, the theme counting seems overly pedantic to me, important are how successful those are applied to the movie and i just don't see how this was the case, force theme indulgence aside.
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    the mstrox thread

    Stay away from my toffee pennies and you can have whichever ones you want!
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    Naïve Old Fart

    the mstrox thread

    Don't mind if I do, squire. Got any green triangles?
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    Lovejoy Chases Jack and Rose was tracked in from the film "Heaven Help Us", so the version on this album was unused. It's the same tracked music that appeared when Jack and Fabrizio are running to the ship's entrance.
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    FFS, and TLJ isn't original?
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    What we got was another first rate score, one which displays a technical proficiency and talent that is rare. What we got was a score with as many new, well-integrated identities as Williams and Johnson saw fit, not the fans. I guess we'll have to wait another decade before we can have the discussion about how TLJ was a misunderstood score like RotS was a decade prior... What about the rest of the score, as a whole? Surely one's preference isn't solely based on the virtuosity of a finale? The message at the end of TLJ was built on the same yearning and inspiration for something larger that is present in Binary Sunset; in the case of TLJ that's the return of the Jedi and Luke Skywalker's legacy. Who knows what Williams could've wrote for the finale, but could you fault him and Johnson for the poetic use of that theme again?
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    True, but this score is coming from a composer that has been known to base his scores on thematic material, especially for this series. Williams is the first to take pride in the size of his catalogue of themes.
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    Where the hell did I say that? And even you "blame" Rian Johnson for the rehash that is a large part of this score, it doesn't change the final product. You can find creatives ways to write new thematic material to keep the score fresh. You can write new themes for existing characters that are derived from the existing themes but are nevertheless separate, signaling the character's transformation, of which this film had a lot; Finn, Poe, Luke and even Rey and Kylo could all have had new themes to co-exist with their pre-existing ones, to signal the development of their character. Think about The Two Towers: on paper that fim didn't require much in the way of new themes, everything that's new about it are Rohan and the Ents, but Shore wrote over a dozen new themes, giving two new themes to Gollum, who already had a thematic identity, giving the Uruk Hai two new themes, etc... In Wiliams' catalogue, how may new themes did Revenge of the Sith really require? Really, the only new character to require thematic material is Grievous. But he wrote a lament for Anakin's fall to darkness, which he derives from "Across the Stars" so the assocations of that melody carry over to the new one, he wrote a motif for the duel, a motif for Mustafar which he wove into the duel material, etc... With each score in this series and others, Williams always stressed that "90% of the thematic material is new" or something like that. Always. And that's understandable: composition is a creative process and how creative are you really being when you're just rehashing existing material? To see him all but abandon this rule with this sore is disheartening. Even if Johnson made him do it (which I believe may be the case) that doesn't change nor excuse what we got.
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    Surely, if you have the Force and nobody trains you, eventually you'll notice "something is up" on your own and might even figure out a way to use it.
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    BBC Proms 2017

    What, again?! How are you planning to remove her? She's strong with the force...
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    Themes: Rose's Theme Luke's Island Theme Resistance Desperation Theme Motifs: Canto Bight The Fathiers Action/Sacrifice Motif
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    Nonsense, how can one tell how involved or how much of a desire Williams has to create new themes? Aside from no new identity for the First Order, I would say that the film didn't need a hundred new themes.
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    But film music isn't just an art, and its not a musical form where the composer has 100% solo imput. Any chance Williams followed the temp track when it comes to reusing old themes simply because that's what the director required him to do? I don't see how it is a definite judgement on the composers level of inspiration. The sheer energy of the score would suggest to be Williams certainly was inspired during this project.
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    Everytime a track from the last two scores is uploaded on YouTube, there's that obnoxious comment that questions why there's no Duel of the Fates or how nothing compared to it.
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    Its one that is based on the composer's self proclaimed (and very vocally so) desire to base each new score in the series predominantly on new thematic material, which - for the first time - doesn't apply to this score.
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    Video Game Music

    @TheGreyPilgrim Did you hear about THIS yet? Leaked yesterday, on Christmas Day. The Reddit post has now reached the front page there. Read the comments, Marty is over the moon about it. A lot of the music was in the game, but only excerpts were used. This is the entire score and what was originally intended as a 'symphony for the Destiny universe', the musical foundation to be elaborated upon for all of the subsequent game releases over the ten year plan. That was before O'Donnell's big work/legal spat with Activision and Bungie kicked off, and the first game was completely overhauled at the last minute - trashing much of the original ideas (and music).
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    TLJ will do fine and it will certainly be no failure from Disney.
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    THE POST - SCORE Thread

    I like this score! It's much more understated even than Lincoln, but there are some really nice moments that shine through. And unlike TLJ, it doesn't suffer from scatterbrainedness or an over reliance on music that's already been written.
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    Oh wow, they even cut out that little ROTJ "Into the Trap" fanfare quote at 0:50 in Escape. They definitely did their homework to make it Oscar-eligible.
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    I think it will be pretty difficult to edit the OST and FYC versions of "Escape" together, considering how much of a mess the FYC version of "Escape" is. It'll be hard to get that Poe's theme statement out in a way that sounds organic.
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    I remember reading an article discussing that those who able to be mind tricked are sensitive to the force. That doesn't mean they are force users but they have the potential to use it. Of course, not everyone is force sensitive (such as Watto who couldn't be tricked). But who knows how and why someone becomes force sensitive but it doesn't seem to be because of blood relation.
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    Disney is apparently bracing themselves to right down Solo. More trouble and behind the scenes drama. Disney is bracing themselves for the Han Solo movie to bomb. They were worried about it before all The Last Jedicontroversy, but now they’re essentially writing Solo off. The lead actor, Alden Ehrenreich, can’t act, and they had a dialogue coach on hand for allof his scenes. On top of that, the script is unworkable. It’s going to be a car crash. http://www.screengeek.net/2017/12/24/disney-expects-solo-a-star-wars-story-to-bomb/ I'd be inclined to believe as it seems most things that leak these days, even in politics, have a kernel of truth. The only confounding thing is about Alden E. From whatever I have seen him in, he's a terrific actor. So I find it hard to believe the reports that he cannot act and needs coaching to do every scene.
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