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    I can´t tell if this is irony, but if not: Do you know all states in Germany like Bavaria or Hessen? All Kantons of Switzerland like Aargau or Schwyz? This would be the equivalent to the states of the USA.
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    The Weather Thread

    The one temperature you don't need to specify Celsius or Fahrenheit because they're the same.
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    Just take an old adventure theme, warp it into a minor key, and you get the heroic scoundrel:
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    Omg this part (2:57) always gives me goosebumps! Those lower strings (3:02-03)!!!!!!!!!!
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    The thing that intrigues me the most about this particular theme is that what the hell will it end up sounding like? Major, minor? It can't be something like the Raiders march and I can't picture it sounding like any of JW's previous cowboy themes. Something like The Adventures of Mutt is out of the question, as Tintin's motif... So what the hell can it even sound like? The closer thing that I can picture is something similar to Poe's theme, but we already have that... Gah! Hopefully so much speculation won't end up being a dissapointment.
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    The alternative version where Indy becomes a nazi
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    "We basically need a Raider's March... but for space, not for the desert."
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    Since Poe is basically Han Solo reincarnated, it would make sense to make a similar theme for Han.
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    and put it in retrogrades, and invert it! No-one will know.
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    The Weather Thread

    We got a ton of snow and it took me 3 hours to snow-blow and shovel this morning, and its been so windy all day the driveway has some nice new piles in it. M&$#@&!
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    The Weather Thread

    I can drink more.
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    I watched Carol a while back and really did not like it either. I am a big Blanchett fan and I think she does her best in a thankless movie that seems to be trying to make its central characters/romance utterly uninteresting. How did those two even fall in love?! They never spoke or seemed to feel or think anything. Ugh. Sorry I just can't stand movies with no personality sometimes... And the music - yeah, held back, like the movie.
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    Hey, so it turns out I was completely wrong The new LLL release IS a remix! The score was recorded to 16 tracks and Matessino used all 16 tracks to completely remix the entire thing for the release. He had notes about how it was mixed for the original album as a guide to use to remix it all again in a similar way. It's a great remix job!
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    One of the few pieces of film music that is able to regularly move me to tears.
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    "One-off" melodies, tunes, and ditties

    2:24 - A painfully beautiful string moment
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    Han was also shown with a woman during the Cantina sequence in a deleted shot. I don't know if a love theme would be appropriate for a womanizer, though. I'm guessing it will sound somewhat heroic. I guess it depends on how's he portrayed in the film... a goofball, scoundrel, hero?
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    The Official Intrada Thread

    Me too!
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    Well, not that we know about. He doesn't return Leia's "I love you" at the end of TESB. Hmm, a sense a mistress somewhere. Scoundrel!
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    Perahia's Beethoven is great, especially the fourth! I like his Mozart concertos too, but in some of the concertos there's something strange with the recording. I think I read somewhere it has something to do with being early digital. Brendel is also good in Mozart. And I see you have Szell, my favourite conductor! I'd wish they would re-release all his recordings in remastered sound.
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    The Weather Thread

    Can you guys send some over here in the post? Christmas was more like Easter.
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    The Weather Thread

    Well, this little storm still can be beautiful ^^ I just took this in Montreal.
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    How good or bad a film is had nothing to do with how good or bad a score is, Richard
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    We've certainly said much about this on here if you go searching. In October I overhauled my whole system. I'm now on PC, though which platform you choose doesn't seem to matter now. I'm using Cubase as my sequencer, and using libraries from 8dio, VSL, and Embertone. You'll want to do lots of research before starting down this path. Don't want to misspend.
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    Your current audio equipment..

    Lots of cool buttons!
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    Bach: Complete Keyboard Concertos by Schiff. For Beethoven's piano Concertos, I go with Murray Perahia, same for Mozart.
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    Yeah. That fucking Williams, fucking up a perfect good OST.
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    The Weather Thread

    Come on, that's kindergarten level difficulty!
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    I just found a good version of Canto Bite.
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    You basically will if you buy the JW conductor box
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    The Weather Thread

    Fixed! Now guess the music!
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    Oh, don't worry. I can't tell you how many times I've bought a DVD thinking I don't have it, only to discover I do! Nowadays I keep an Excel spreadsheet on my phone with my collection listed, so that I can refer to it when I see something I may want to buy.
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    I think that's intentional/I don't really hear a problem...? I can more or less conduct/beat my way through that passage and it all seems to add up okay. EDIT: Still trying to figure out how to notate 0:27-0:29, but here's how I hear the bit from 0:30-0:38.
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    Oh wait; I didn't pay attention to what that linked to; turns out I had already read it. Well worth the time and effort of a read-through though! It's very illuminating.
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    You, geographical slut, you!!
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    You have a good taste. I like Vanska's Beethoven symphonies. Kempff is indeed great in the piano concertos, especially with the greatly improved sound of the most recent remasters. Waldstein is my favorite Beethoven sonata, and my favorite recording of the first movement is this: What's the smaller blue box next to the Gardiner? Fun fact: In Norwegian, gardiner means curtains.
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    the mstrox thread is the offshore gambling barge of JWFAN.
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    I'm referring to them as the "home" chord of a theme, which in most cases (and in all those I cited) is the first chord we hear, which sets the chord as a kind of home base for the music. Major and minor are usually described as being opposite to one another, major being "happy", minor being "sad". Of course this is over-simplified, so I like to say that major is positive whereas minor is negative, at least in the way they are portrayed in most Western music. Part of me also thinks (or maybe wants to believe) there will be a love theme in Solo, and if that's the case, you can bet it would be major rather than minor, regardless of who composes it.
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    I got to the point where I'd open an album folder and couldn't tell you what it would sound like because I'd never listened to it. Unless you make a concerted effort to listen to a different score every day, there just isn't enough time to listen to everything once a collection reaches a certain point.
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    I hope you also got time to do other things during those two years. Otherwise you've got a massive collection!
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    I sold over 900 DVDs / BDs / LDs this past year, partly due to financial needs and partly to get rid of stuff that I realised I actually didn't want. A large chunk of those movies I'd never even seen (and most likely never will now). Also, moving house makes one question the sense of keeping stuff you never use, just for the sake of owning it.
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    I really wish Williams had offered full concertized versions for both of the themes in the suite and not the oddly economic combination of Luke in Exile/Ahch-To Island and Rose's theme where neither is given their full due.
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    I like it too. But it also feels like a sub theme for a main theme that isn't there. Karol
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    That's not a valid comparison, as English is one of the major international languages while Slovak is not.
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    I wonder what is was about the collaboration between Cuaron and JW that led to such amazing music. It sounds like JW was working in a truly inspired state. There were rumors(?)/stories of the sessions being very difficult and the producer on the film talked about Cuaron having the courage to challenge JW. JW himself has rarely ever talked about the score which is disappointing but Conrad Pope talks about the score being one of his favorites and the sessions being very exciting, a highlight of his time working with JW. I wish we had more music from POA and more from JW himself on the score.
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