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    That would be cool, but my guess is that Han's theme will be in a minor key unlike the Asteroid Field's opening melody, which is major-based. It's interesting to compare good-guy themes from the OT and ST so far in terms of whether they are based on a major or minor tonic, especially since the ST is closely modeled on the OT: Original Trilogy - Luke's Theme - Major - Leia's Theme - Major - Rebel Fanfare - Major - Force Theme - Minor - Han Solo and the Princess - Major - Yoda - Major - Ewoks - Major - Luke and Leia - Major Sequel Trilogy (so far) - Rey's Theme - Minor - Poe's Theme - Minor - March of the Resistance - Minor - Luke in Exile - Minor - Desperation (of the Resistance) - Minor - Rose - Major There's a very clear trend of having the primary good-guy themes in the sequel trilogy almost entirely minor (only Rose's Theme is major, no doubt due to her childlike innocence) whereas in the original trilogy, they are very much the opposite - almost all major (only the Force Theme is minor, no doubt due to its function as a "struggle" theme). This change from major to minor is probably due to the change in the tone of films nowadays. So many films of the 80s have an optimistic tone whereas today they are much darker and in many ways pessimistic, and I think Williams is reflecting this trend in his music for the heroes. Anyway, I thought this would be interesting to share. So yes, I'm guessing Han's Theme will be in a minor key.
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    I can´t tell if this is irony, but if not: Do you know all states in Germany like Bavaria or Hessen? All Kantons of Switzerland like Aargau or Schwyz? This would be the equivalent to the states of the USA.
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    who cares

    The Weather Thread

    The one temperature you don't need to specify Celsius or Fahrenheit because they're the same.
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    Gosh do I love this! 4:02 - 4:16 Too short though Anyone knows what kind of chord that is?
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    Just take an old adventure theme, warp it into a minor key, and you get the heroic scoundrel:
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    Omg this part (2:57) always gives me goosebumps! Those lower strings (3:02-03)!!!!!!!!!!
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    The thing that intrigues me the most about this particular theme is that what the hell will it end up sounding like? Major, minor? It can't be something like the Raiders march and I can't picture it sounding like any of JW's previous cowboy themes. Something like The Adventures of Mutt is out of the question, as Tintin's motif... So what the hell can it even sound like? The closer thing that I can picture is something similar to Poe's theme, but we already have that... Gah! Hopefully so much speculation won't end up being a dissapointment.
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    Lol, I never said that you couldn't have a differing opinion. It's just that TPM is objectively the inferior film, on pretty much every level of filmmaking. And that's a fact.
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    Introduction - JP from Mexico

    Hello, everyone! My name is Juan Pablo (everybody calls me JP), and I am from Mexico. 24 year old, and I have no memory of not being a JW fan. I have been visiting this website several times in the past, and have now decided to join the conversation! Have a nice day!
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    The alternative version where Indy becomes a nazi
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    and put it in retrogrades, and invert it! No-one will know.
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    The Weather Thread

    We got a ton of snow and it took me 3 hours to snow-blow and shovel this morning, and its been so windy all day the driveway has some nice new piles in it. M&$#@&!
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    The Weather Thread

    I can drink more.
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    Hey, so it turns out I was completely wrong The new LLL release IS a remix! The score was recorded to 16 tracks and Matessino used all 16 tracks to completely remix the entire thing for the release. He had notes about how it was mixed for the original album as a guide to use to remix it all again in a similar way. It's a great remix job!
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    Well, not that we know about. He doesn't return Leia's "I love you" at the end of TESB. Hmm, a sense a mistress somewhere. Scoundrel!
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    Lots of cool buttons!
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    Bach: Complete Keyboard Concertos by Schiff. For Beethoven's piano Concertos, I go with Murray Perahia, same for Mozart.
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    Yeah. That fucking Williams, fucking up a perfect good OST.
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    I just found a good version of Canto Bite.
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    the mstrox thread is the offshore gambling barge of JWFAN.
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    I'm referring to them as the "home" chord of a theme, which in most cases (and in all those I cited) is the first chord we hear, which sets the chord as a kind of home base for the music. Major and minor are usually described as being opposite to one another, major being "happy", minor being "sad". Of course this is over-simplified, so I like to say that major is positive whereas minor is negative, at least in the way they are portrayed in most Western music. Part of me also thinks (or maybe wants to believe) there will be a love theme in Solo, and if that's the case, you can bet it would be major rather than minor, regardless of who composes it.
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    I sold over 900 DVDs / BDs / LDs this past year, partly due to financial needs and partly to get rid of stuff that I realised I actually didn't want. A large chunk of those movies I'd never even seen (and most likely never will now). Also, moving house makes one question the sense of keeping stuff you never use, just for the sake of owning it.
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    I like it too. But it also feels like a sub theme for a main theme that isn't there. Karol
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    Yes people are allowed to post JW memes here, as long as their content doesn't break the Forum Rules.
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    Doug Adams' new podcast on Indy scores

    Nice podcast. Raiders is such a great score. I consider it JW's single best action oriented score, well maybe second to TPM.
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    Please don't.
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    Received my copy up in Toronto during the holidays and was able to listen a few days ago. As someone who grew up with my favourite record being the Arista LP - the music was so inspiring but the sound was a bit of a mess even by 70s-80s era standards - there was no way for me to really prepare for the revelation of Matessino's new version. Blown away. Reading that the transfers were done from 16-track masters and then hearing all of this detail I never had before suggests to me that it's not only a remaster but a proper remix as well, i.e. radically different (and welcome) balances. At least in some cases on CD1 (ex. Barry's Kidnapping). Has this been confirmed? Thanks as well to whomever created the chrono playlist. I'm currently favouring it, although with the inclusion of Inside and the wild Visions (CD1 track 1). Watching the Skies sounds so fresh, like it could've been tracked on the 2016 film Arrival and fit right in. The whole thing just feels like the proverbial room in your house you never knew was there... hopefully containing a closet with the Dracula masters inside, back from the dead!
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    BEST SCORES OF 2017: Star Wars: The Last Jedi by John Williams Randezvous by Austin Wintory All the Money in the World by Daniel Pemberton Phantom Thread by Jonny Greenwood The Shape of Water by Alexandre Desplat Snowman by Marco Beltrami Thor: Ragnarok by Mark Mothersbaugh Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets by Alexandre Desplat War for Planet of the Apes by Michael Giacchino Rebel in the Rye by Bear McCreary TOP 10 BEST TRACKS OF 2017: Down the Harry Hole from Snowman (Marco Beltrami) The Jumanji Overture from Jumanji (Henry Jackman) The Escape from The Shape of Water (Alexandre Desplat) Ragnarok Suite from Thor: Ragnarok (Mark Mothersbaugh) The Presses Roll from The Post (John Williams) The Battle of Crait from Star Wars: The Last Jedi (John Williams) Innocence from Rebel in the Rye (Bear McCreary) End Credits from War for the Planet of the Apes (Michael Giacchino) (alternatively, it could be Assault of the Earth) Pearls of Mul from Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (Alexandre Desplat) The Heart of Kong from Kong: Skull Island (Henry Jackman) BEST CATALOG TITLES OF 2017: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (La-La Land) Titanic (La-La Land) Close Encounters of the Third Kind (La-La Land) E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (La-La Land) Ben-Hur (Tadlow) Apocalypse Now (La-La Land) Papillon (Quartet Records) Troy (Intrada) Damnation Alley (Intrada) The Haunting (Varese Sarabande) FILM SCORE LABEL OF THE YEAR: La-Land Land Records BEST FILMS OF 2017: War for the Planet of the Apes Spider-Man: Homecoming Dunkirk Weak movie year overall. PECIFIC HIGHLIGHTS OF 2017: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone In Concert Jaws Live Star Wars concert in Birmingham. John Powell on Solo: A Star Wars Story with John Williams penning a theme. Rabbit & Rogue in 5.1 on DVD SPECIFIC DISAPPOINTMENTS OF 2017: Justice League The Post No Star Wars expansions for the 40th anniversary Karol
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    A seminal work! All you need of the LOTR trilogy music.
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    Well the Na'vi are quite cat-like, and there is the cat scene...
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    Nah. He saw Felicity Jones' performance and bailed. On his way out he said, "Kathy there's one and only one Daisy. And I am only going to write music for her. There's Desplat for amateurs like Felicity."
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    Say hello to Starkiller II. They started building it during the events of TLJ.
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    Pics from a friend who had the pleasure of recording VII and VIII
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    Than again, half the people here see dozens and dozens of supposed "motifs" that Williams never ever intended for, too.
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    Here is My E.T. Collection to date with the Japanese Audiophile edition:
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    We know the film went through a drastic reshoot schedule.
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    I think i would prefer memoirs of a geisha and seven years in tibet.
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    This is probably my favorite bit of Star Wars music from 5:02-5:35:
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    All her hairstyles were superior to everyone else. "Emissary" longer unkempt hair, season 1-2 short updo, season 3 combover, season 4-6 slightly longer layered style and season 7 longer extreme side part. The best episode for Kira's season 7 hair is "Covenant". It's a very weird one and despite being Kira and Dukat-centric, it's debatable whether it's actually a good one in terms of story and characters. That being said, it almost seems like the episode was designed to showcase Kira's hair. It's like 45 minutes for you to just gaze upon those luscious locks. What a goddess.
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    The best example of this I can think of is non-Williams, actually. At the climax of JNH's Atlantis, just when the plot is getting hopelessly weird, a lot of orchestral Sturm und Drang suddenly dissolves into a jaw-dropping melody for solo voice. The first time I heard it, it was some of the most beautiful music I'd ever heard. Give it about ten seconds for context to fully appreciate it. The awesomeness begins at 1:50 or so:
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