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    Chen G.

    Films you wish were scored by Williams

    No. Just...no.
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    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    I'll amend and re-upload with the prequel ones. Jedi with less colour saturation and the prequels.
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    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    It was blue until relatively late in post production (even in the trailers I think) and I heard somewhere the change to green was made so it would show up better against the sky in the Sarlacc fight scene. TPM and AotC price also fell on Amazon UK. By the time they come out, they'll all be 4 Pounds!
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    Films you wish were scored by Williams

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    Films you wish were scored by Williams

    The entire Harry Potter movie series Titanic Avatar Ready Player One Bridge of Spies
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    I've made these because I hate those Disney ones so much.
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    It’s all well and good discussing the library of movies John Williams has scored over the years - but what about the films he hasn’t? Which films do you think would have been improved if JW had scored them? My opinion on this matter is that the rest of the “Potter” films would’ve been much improved with a score by Williams. what do you guys think?
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    It just feels generic to me, Trajan at least has some character. A single LP from 1983 with much information crammed onto it is different from a special remastered CD rerelease. Thank Eru for Amazon preorder keeping the lowest price then!
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    I've always liked Padmé's buns
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    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    Photoshop Which font do you think would work better? i'll try it out. Yes, Darth Vader was spoiling the aesthetic, he's a big feature on 3, 4 and 5, I didn't think anyone would miss him. Return of the Jedi was the most difficult to adapt due to the posters available.
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    I'm kinda surprised there has not been a discussion topic about Ludwig Goransson's score to Black Panther. For those who have seen the latest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what was your impression of the score? I feel not only is Black Panther another fantastic entry in Marvel Studios' repertoire; it is a little more than that. Black Panther is a history-making film in the way it presents itself, from the characters, cultural influence and iconography, to the story. I was amazed, not just as a fan of Marvel Studios, having seen all the films since the beginning with Iron Man, but as a film enthusiast in general. The score adds to this as well. Ludwig Goransson's use of African instrumentation and chorus combined with traditional western orchestra makes it stand out. I was also fond of his use of techno beat and rhythm in combination with brass, string and choir for the character of Killmonger. T'Challa's theme is the definitive highlight of the score. I was amazed at how much research Goransson put into crafting the score, even going to South Africa to look into the music. One of my favorite tracks is "Wakanda." That vocal solo by Baaba Maal gives me chills. The images that accompany the track in the film are phenomenal. Ryan Coogler and all involved really made a great film. Anyway, those are just some of my reactions to Black Panther.
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    Yes, the few times I've been in an environment with loud music, the volume is insanely loud, such that I couldn't stay in the room without putting ear plugs in (or trying to - my ears don't like invaders). I don't understand why.
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    Films you wish were scored by Williams

    My vote is Ready Player One. I really wish JW could have done it. I saw the film twice and both times tried to get into AS’s score, but it wasn’t happening.
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    The Lure It's definitely unique and original... but the pacing is off and it never really gels narratively. The songs grind the film to a halt or incorporated at strange intervals. Certainly the first rock opera with homicidal mermaids I've seen. Only thing I remember about that movie is Jamie Lee Curtis's tits. They were nice.
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    Donner's Ladyhawke is absolutely crying out in every scene for Williams, or maybe Horner and Goldsmith. I think it is a movie that was good enough to become iconic if it had an iconic score.
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    What a bunch of special snowflakes! Can't even stand people eating their popcorn.
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    The most succint phrasing of this issue I've heard was: "no one hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans."
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    The SPORTS Thread.

    They have camogie on before the hurling for you @Richard
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    SUPERMAN II HP 4 - 8 THE COLOR PURPLE READY PLAYER ONE QUINTET LOST IN SPACE That proposed Peter Pan musical, with Michael Jackson (...or, maybe not...) A JW-scored POLTERGEIST would have been interesting, but I'm more than happy with what we have. Ditto, HEAVEN AND EARTH.
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    Definitely Harry Potter 4 to 8. .
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    Wondering what the chances are of seeing A Quiet Place with an audience who actually get that BEING quiet is necessary to appreciate it properly, as opposed to 'One ticket for A Quiet Place and the largest-sized bucket/tray/bag of popcorn/nachos/individually-wrapped sweets that you've got, thanks'.
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    Olivia was pretty in that one.
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    Women have a right to equal opportunities, not to equal outcomes. Equalization of the cast (or equalization anywhere) is not, nor has it ever been, an ideal in the western world. That’s the point. It makes sense that an action film would, usually, have a predominantly male cast. It’s a masculine genre with characters that are usually required to be very masculine themselves.
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    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    Love the Trajan myself. And the desaturated Jedi is ace! I like the fact that you took Vader out, it suits the square cover aspect better. @aj_vader, which application do you use for your covers?
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    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    I really like all your cover artworks, great job! But the whole Trajan thing just doesn't work for me. Doesn't fit the OT artworks at all.
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    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    OK, so I'll now have double-backed covers (@aj_vader's wonderful poster covers on one side and @Chewy's matching OST covers on the other) to flip at my any whim!
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    Uhh ya gotta admit, Homer... she does kinda look like one a dem crazy college chicks on Tumblr.
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    Disney's Robin Hood by George Bruns Hey, this is actually pretty fun! The movie's a minor guilty pleasure of mine (one of the only fun ones from Disney's dark age at least), so I wasn't expecting anything great from the score on its own.
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    Maybe the next Oscar Schindler should be a woman.
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    I plan to share my entire music collection with my family once it's sorted. I've only been working on it for a decade.
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    Star Trek: Discovery Soundtrack

    That would require rewatching the episodes. Are the episodes rewatchable? They seem to rely on “shock” value (though you can see all the “surprises” coming after the first few episodes).
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    who cares

    What Are You Eating Tonight?

    Thanks to @mstroxand A Passage to INDIA, I'm FULL and have lunch tomorrow.
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    Nice. But the more I listen to it, the more I think that the Kempe/Vienna Philharmonic version (which I've posted before) has to be among the best performances (of anything) I've heard: Love that hectic string sound that's always there but never distracts from the brass melody.
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    I get it. There are many movies that feel a bit forced nowadays: Rogue One, Shape of Water, Post, ... Either your film needs a gay, black, female lead which is a jew or not. But decisive therefore should merely be the film itself and not the current social trends, hypes and controversies.
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    I want to see interspecies relationships. What is going on down there?!
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    The Jerry Thread

    He changed his username to Batman's Diet Coke for some reason. I do like 90s ads, so I suppose I'm cool with it. As for @Bespin, I hope he does not leave permanently. A fellow who is passionate about Bach, Williams and Roy Orbison is to be appreciated.
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    It might not be as memorable as some other score but it's very lovingly put together. Bit more refined. Karol
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    But no though. Allow me to translate: "I didn't like the movie, and am so incapable of dealing with the loss of the entitlement I feel that I compensate for it by saying ridiculous, hyperbolic things about it. See, it's not enough for me to simply say that I didn't like it, and then explain why; THAT might accidentally create a dialogue about it, which is the last thing I want. I'd rather just say that the movie raped my grandmother and decapitated my grandfather, because THAT'S HOW YOU WILL KNOW I MEAN IT."
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    It means someone down the line has missed out on a set because you bought a second!
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    That certain films have a tendency to overplay the diversity card is one thing. But I can't see what warrants this impassioned, and quite frankly, misguided tirade on gender characterizations and generalizations. No one is arguing that the male and female sex are biologically different. But I would love to read the paper that shows a qualitative biological measure of "assertiveness" (whatever that means...) between both sexes. Or more importantly, what that has to do with film at all, let alone this thread. Do you have specific examples of movies that do this supposedly great disservice to the accurate portrayal of females and their "assertiveness"? - KK, who's just a little confused at where this thread ended up
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    The Top 10 users on your ignore list this week

    I don't like the entire idea of this thread. I don't like announcing to the forum what other users you don't like, all that leads to is hurt feelings (for people who were genuine in their posts, but you don't happen to like what they say) or troll-feeding (for true trolls who make troll posts and know it, and get off on other people expressing their dislike of their posts). The better thing to do is simply ignore the users you don't like reading, and use the Report button on posts that are true troll posts. In this specific case, there's nothing whatsoever wrong with people sharing fan-made covers, that has been done on this forum for the entire 19 years it has existed. It could be argued that there could be a separate fan cover thread and a separate News thread for the Star Wars remasters, but let's be honest; We've had one announcement, and then its just been pages of speculation since. When actual news about that release happens, it will be posted, but is it really that hard to ignore general chit chat about the release until it happens? Star Wars scores have always and will always be the biggest discussion generators around here; of course people are excited about these remasters and it is an active thread. I'm not sure anything has to actually be done about it though. Is the solution to really break the discussion into multiple threads instead of containing it all to one?
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    Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet is perfect.
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    Here you go
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    Alan Silvestri's READY PLAYER ONE (2018)

    My God, the ending of "There's Something I Need to Do" is absolutely magnificent. You just don't hear that classic, big romantic sound very often these days. Those rich harmonies... Also love the Christmas-y bit earlier in the cue -- the bells-with-emotional-solo-woodwinds thing is of course far from original in film music, but it always gets me. I assume the RPO bit must be for when the snow starts falling and a certain two characters kiss. I think this film will stick with me for a long time, and a large part of that is because of just how well the film merges with the score in certain key moments. I can't even really say I regret JW not doing this. Silvestri did very well.
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    Nick Parker


    Well, as long as I can still get my news magazines at the checkout aisles, I'm fine. In fact I just got my newest one last night! Did you guys know Bill Clinton deliberately sabotaged his wife's campaign by arranging coke parties with aliens and Angelina Jolie?
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    More Gia The scene in Incredibles has better music but you can barely hear it under all those loud Sound FX.
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