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    Board members pets

    My cat looking at my beer. And now, like in an Hitchcock movie:
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    Disc 3: my thoughts. Opening with the children's suite is a great idea. Hearing the entire thing as a whole for the first time in ages was really refreshing. Though I don't like Fluffy's harp, those violins in Diagon Alley are such a delight, Quidditch is wonderful and Harry's Wondrous World at the end works so well, especially because it references previous movements. I do think that including HWW on disc 2 was a bit superfluous/overkill: I know that's how it is in the credits, but now it's a little repetitive and we have HWW in Chamber of Secrets again too. I would also have preferred the pub music to come first, because that flute solo is Hedwig's theme yet again. The vocal Hogwarts forever versions is great, Hedwig's theme for harp is a little weird but great fun, the coke ad is as magical as ever, but the teaser music is rather redundant. The trailer is interesting because it was seemingly recorded in a smaller studio or by a small/inexperienced orchestra and given the short running time of this disc, I think it would have been nice to have Owl's Flight at the end of a Dumbledore's Advice reprise. It would have given Hedwig's theme a well-deserved break and casual listeners might have had a better idea about where the cue belonged.
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    Went to see PoA live yesterday: as I said in the LTP thread, apart from a few minor glitches it was an incredible experience. Anyway, I probably was the only one feeling sad during the Discussing Black scene. We miss you, 30" shawm cue ❤️ (sorry for the vertical video — ugh — and the Italian dubbing) IMG_9144.mp4 By the way, I also snatched a certain tambourine/Cadogan cue IMG_9145_TRIM.mp4
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    Damn! Isn't this thread supposed to be about the music? Some of you guys are obsessed with the tiniest flaws and mistakes and imperfections. Really! I swear, some of you guys didn't even buy this set to enjoy the music buy to find mistakes and flaws....
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    I'm sure @The Illustrious Jerry will play it on his mighty organ for you.
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    Of course. That is why I responded initially, “John Williams.” I had to edit my response after I realized he was referring to the final track. Regardless of that, all of the Maestro’s music is presented, and I really enjoy this phenomenal set.
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    Hello everyone! I am new to this community and am thrilled to be here. My short question is, does anyone know if there are plans for an independent release of the score from the short film "Dear Basketball"? Thanks in advance and sorry if this has already been discussed, I did a quick search to see if this has been covered before and found nothing!
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    The Composer's Thread

    My piano concerto album is finally out on youtube/itunes. Recorded at Abbey Road - hope you enjoy.
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    Ah, thanks! So the actual HP1 OST version isn't on there, because a bit in the middle was restored. And the Children's Suite and CoS versions are the same ones then. That makes sense.
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    That’s interesting. Weird, though. It just seems odd to include music by a trailer house group that had nothing to do with the Maestro, apart from segueing into the end of Reunion of Friends. Anyway, I just ended up replacing it with the track “Finale” from the original soundtrack album. I just felt the track is not only a unique album track, but ending the entire set with that triumphant version of A Window to the Past is a perfect way to cap the entire set. Aside from doing that, this entire set is phenomenal; just perfect. Thanks again to Mike Matessino and all involved with this set, especially Maestro John Williams. Looking forward with much anticipation to what 2019 has to offer.
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    Yes, there are differences between the two versions on this HP1 set: number one is the uncut version that was truncated (only like two seconds missing for the OST, number two is the 'cut' version, but with the suite ending, e.g. the one supposedly recorded for COS. Teaser might be the first ever recorded cue, but that doesn't make it less redundant for my listening experience. I'm not saying it's historically unnecessary, it just doesn't add anything to my enjoyment after the entire score.
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    Hey, Jay. I had a question. Out of curiousity, why was “Trailer” included as the final track? I find it odd as the first part of it is not composed by the Maestro.
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    The sugar-coated Tom Hanks Walt Disney was more intolerable than that woman, who seemed reasonable enough. The smoking PSA scene was especially embarrassing.
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    Thank you kindly for the very warm welcome! I hope to someday be a fraction of the composer that John Williams is! Maybe one of these days I will post links to my music and you guys on this forum can be the judge and maybe provide some criticism. Thnaks again for the welcome!
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    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Excellent! I will definitely purchase the set now! I bought the 20th anniversary edition of Saving Private Ryan a couple of months ago, and it’s the same way. The film version of “The Last Battle” is well worth the purchase alone! Thanks a lot!
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    I could arrange it for you if you’d like!
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    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Very nice! The John Williams at 80 article was a great read! It’s motivating to see someone of his age still so dedicated to the creation of beautiful art and truly meaningful music! I was thinking about purchasing this set. How is it?
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    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    That's my pleasure! Visit my website now: http://www.goplanete.com/johnwilliams/music/disco/albums.htm. 😁
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    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Nice 4th post.
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    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    I just received the new Harry Portter set the other day so I’ve been listening to those scores off and on. Someday soon I will sit down and listen to them all in their glory! I’m very happy to see that the new set includes the children’s suite, I’m a huge fan of Williams’s chamber works. I can’t get enough of the wonderful counterpoint and his rich harmonies in the Quidditch piece! Also, I’ve been really into Hook lately. The arrival of tink track (specifically in the extended release edition) always manages to bring a beaming smile to my face!
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    Maybe the next John Williams! Welcome David!
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    NAME: David Neville LOCATION: Indianapolis, Indiana AGE: 20 SEX: Male PROFESSION/EDUCATION: Studying composition at Indiana University Southeast FAVORITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Hook, The Terminal, Saving Private Ryan, War Horse, The BFG, E.T., Angela’s Ashes (I haven’t really found one I don’t like) FAVORITE NON-JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Imitation Game (Alexandre Desplat), Road to Perdition (Thomas Newman), UP (Michael Giacchino), Corps Bride (Danny Elfman). Etc. FAVORITE FILM(S): All the films listed for the favorite scores, Catch Me if You Can, Interstellar, Shutter Island (I like a lot of movies so I’m just gonna stop before this gets out of hand ha) FAVORITE DIRECTOR(S): Spielberg, (honestly I don’t know many directors by name so we’ll just say Spielberg ha) SPECIAL INTEREST(S): Composition (specifically film composition), Pool, film in general, and I like to play video games in my limited spare time. VISITING THIS BOARD SINCE: December 2018
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    The best one is Indiana Jones and the Holy Gourd of Jerusalem.
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    Well, just a hunch, but could have something to do with the soundtrack Deadline being somewhere around October/November, while Shore was rewriting and recording up until literally hours before the premiere in December. Did you also get your knickers in a knot when the LOTR OSTs featured a plethora of alternates because of schedules? Be thankful we got so many alternates on CD, because going by the LOTR CR and Rarities situation, we would never get so many Hobbit alternates any other way.
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    Official Discord Thread

    Because his sleep cycle is ideal for the timing of the purge!
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    Yeah, I totally understand what you mean. This was just a little riff I assembled on a Sunday afternoon a few months ago, and I really liked the idea of it, but didn't develop it into anything grander than a main theme and a small three note interlude. I am considering expanding on it. Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated!
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    Mr. Who

    The Custom Covers Thread

    My cover for Far and Away: Far and Away by John Williams by hahah123 Covers, on Flickr Far And Away by John Williams (without border) by hahah123 Covers, on Flickr
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    He was summoning a storm of rock-infused glory from his studio, jamming with the Magnificent Six and Michael Cera!
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    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    I miss Moffat! 😫
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    There's some slight electronic signal in the background of Leaving Hogwarts at 0:36 but I crosschecked it with the OST version and it has the same weird sound in the background. Also there's a very faint digital hiccup in Fawkes Heals Harry, checked the alternate cue too and it's in the same place! Seems these were problems with the initial source files from which the set was produced and out of anyone's control. Luckily these are small virtually unnoticeable things so they don't bother me too much, but I can hear them!
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    The Photography Thread

    It can be tricky getting a good, shot at the higher zoom of your 75-300 if you're shooting hand held. The slightest movement.... well you'll see. There's a learning curve that can be both enlightening and fun. Good luck!
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    Since 2018 they have been using very cheap cases. Someone should inform them about the general discontentment about their new packaging (emphasizing that it is just the packaging).
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    Why 'modern-classical' composer Thomas Adés was chosen for 'Colette', a 2018 biopic based upon the life of the French novelist Colette (improbable Keira Knightley) becomes not entirely clear. His contribution consists of mainly short miniatures, light chamber-sized music recalling the late Georges Delerue, with waltzes and danses of the period (Debussy, Saint-Saens, Satie) to add authentic flavour. Adés own contributions are in the same vein (though he adds the requisite string section) and occasionally rather effective, but the brevity doesn't help (most cues clock in about or even under a minute). It's far from a disgrace and the orchestration reveals a skillful hand - but probably will not change this year's Best-of lists now it has been released.
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    Albeit intentionally so; and I'm saying this as someone who isn't necessarily the biggest fan of that film.
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    R.I.P. Wojciech Kilar (1932-2013)

    5 years today. He was a quintessentially Polish composer. His music really captures what this country is about. No one else could quite evoke its soul with as much ease and elegance. Karol
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    Only at JWfan! Raiders is more classy while TOD with its burlesque excessiveness is bordering on kitsch. That's true for Raiders as well.
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    Especially for those men who are made to sit through it.
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    I just bought a ticket for the LSO and Rattle playing Bruckner's 6th in Vienna in February.
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    Obviously. I quoted the box set for ironic contrast.
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    Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion

    As a huge fan of the maestro, you should be able to tell immediately that the trailer music is modern trailer house fare and not Johnny Dubs.
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    “All music composed by John Williams.”
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    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    No one seems to have shat more on DW than Moffat though.
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