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    Disco Stu

    The Matrix 4

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    Been playing around with the film a bit. One thing I thought that would have been fun was if Williams reused the little Mustafar fanfare of sorts from ROTS right before the planet appears to kinda do a "reveal before the reveal." I think it works okay: Alternate TROS 1.m4v Putting Journey to Exegol over the Kylo sequence is fun. Love how gutsy that music is. Alternate Tros 2.m4v I continue to mourn over the exorcism of The Speeder Chase. It just adds some much needed flavor to what is a pretty meh scene. If I was making a film that was supposed to serve as the 9 film conclusion to a saga and I'm only allowing myself 2 hours to do so, I don't think I'd waste time on including action scenes like this one, but, oh well, got some good music out of the deal. Alternate Tros 3-1.m4v
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    Thank you John Williams!

    For over 30 years of the 88 that you have been around, I have have been enthralled by your music. I have listened to it for countless hours. I have formed many friendships because of it, and it has impacted my life in ways that are simply undeniable. Thank you John Williams Thank you JWFAN.
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    Watched Aronofsky's THE FOUNTAIN and it really made an impression on me. Frankly I think its RT critics score is waaay too low; in my eyes it's a masterpiece.
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    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    I made some minor tweaks to my OT revisionist cover set.
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    Sweep, if you think that Madeline Stowe is a hottie, in STAKEOUT, then you'll love her in a soaking wet, red Speedo, in UNLAWFUL ENTRY. Oh, yeah
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    Michael Giacchino's THE BATMAN (2021)

    It's more likely than not to be a portion of that demo theme, yet it's also possible what we will eventually get might not even sound like this. I don't want to see JW naked, thankyou very much.
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    What else am I supposed to go by if there's not much info currently? Sure, it's more likely this is a small sketch he had recently done, but it still fits the image pretty well. Besides, Reeves might've felt like including it to make it stand out a bit more.
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    What are your favorite shots in a movie?

    Or that normal people can’t tell the difference between a film shot digitally or on film. But shhh, don’t tell him that.
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    What are your favorite shits in a movie?
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    Happy Birthday Maestro @88

    Happy Birthday Maestro @88..... [just saw this on my facebook Sony Classical page] https://www.facebook.com/1497289083843603/posts/2489944331244735/
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    Yeah, I was hoping he'd reference the Mustafar stuff from ROTS. Well, maybe he did, but it was cut. Most of the castle sequence was cut after all
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    There'll be an "alternate universe" episode, where Geneviève Bujold is Admiral Nicole Janeway.
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    The whole "comparing dicks, er...sorry...calling cards" was silly, but that was the 80s for you; the decade of artifice and meaninglessness. It was the most shallow of times. Yes, I'm not sure how much of it was "real", either.
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    Have listened to the Eilish song once ... it's OK, I guess. Am presuming the bits of mumbled vocals are standard practice for her ... I'm unfamiliar with her other stuff, and it'll be staying that way.
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    Michael Giacchino's THE BATMAN (2021)

    It's typical of this forum, especially when it's a gia score. It always surprises me that people who have stated a thousand times before that they have no interest in the composer, constantly find their way into the threads to bash him. Same for Zimmer scores.
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    Knowing my track record, you'll say the exact same thing about the rest of it. At least Spidey has multiple sections to it, even if it remains fairly simple. As much as Gia doesn't quite have the chops to make a truly grand theme, they're never as simple as this video has it. So I'd still insist we wait and see.
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    The Photography Thread

    I'm no photography expert, but I took some pics of the storm arriving to my town from the building where I work. What do you guys think?
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    No Time To Die (James Bond #25)

    God I love My Love Has Two Faces. Barry’s moodiness was always intriguing and seductive. These last two Bond songs are just downright gloomy and depressing.
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    Since I've been revisiting Voyager lately, a show I've always loved, I was very excited to see Seven at the end. I wanna know where Janeway, Paris, B'Elanna, The Doctor and the rest are! I demand a cameo from Admiral Janeway! Give us the Janeway! Give us the Janeway!
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    No Time To Die (James Bond #25)

    I know, but they're all dead.
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    Indeed. It's 100% certain he'll be composing stuff all throughout 2020, given his views on the matter. But it's not certain if any of it will be heard or recorded this year.
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    ? He just said a week or two ago that he's never been more in love with music and composing. Nobody here would be mad at him if he took a break, lol. We're just speculating about what he might do next, since he seems interested in doing more.
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    Michael Giacchino's THE BATMAN (2021)

    Eh, it's a few seconds of a camera test, I'm not going to judge it on this. These days, people seem to judge an entire score on twenty second snippets.
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    Indiana Jones 5 maybe? Ford says that he will start working on the next one in two months!
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    Michael Giacchino's THE BATMAN (2021)

    I thought the music was some generic royalty-free library music...good God Gia...
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    Just saw the fourth episode. The show keeps getting better and better.
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    Lost in Space - Season 2 When the original Lost in Space aired on the 60s, it was one of these fantasy/sci-fi shows that families could watch together: fun for kids, entertaining for adults. For most of American TV's history, there used to be simple, fun shows like that. Then came the era of fucking pEaK Tv, and then every drama series that wanted to be respected had to be dark, depressing, nihilistic, violent, filled with disturbing imagery, sex and nude scenes, morally grey protagonists that are usually assholes with their friends and families, no fun at all and with methaphors to current politics situation. Basically, everyone wanted to be The Sopranos, and even sci-fi/fantasy shows became dark and depressing as well: Lost, Heroes, Game of Thrones, Vikings... The consequence of it is that people now don't watch the same shows with their families. Parents watch their dark, depressing Emmy nominated peak TV shows, teens watch their CW crap like Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and those horrible DC shows, and kids of course watch cartoons and these Nickelodeon kiddie sitcoms. So, in the era of peak TV, it's a relief that we have a show like the Lost in Space reboot, which is this wholesome family entertainment, funny for kids and not insultingly dumb for adults. Nostalgic older people can remember watching their original shows or even stuff like Star Trek and BSG, while the kids can have their first introduction to sci-fi, space adventures and, who knows, maybe even astronomy itself? The staff did a great job updating this 60s shows with a very simple, silly concept in a way that is recognizable to younger audiences, but not in an alienating way. Of course, the show also takes inspiration in the (dark, depressing, disturbing, etc, etc) 2004 BSG, but without becoming too gritty and violent, always remembering that is intent is always to have fun. Not win Emmys for its depressed characters and Trump metaphors. There is this Robinson family that is united and they overcame challenges together, and this makes for some great popcorn entertainment. The Robinsons themselves are very likable and you can root for them. But Parker Posey's Dr Smith is my favorite character. She is this villain you love to hate and so entertaining in her machinations that you can't help but root for her as well. Also, the VFX are amazing, theatrical level of quality. It's simply incredible CGI that puts to shame most big budget shows out there - case in point, The Witcher, which probably received a much bigger budget from Netflix. Season 2 is better than the (already good) season 1. There was some dull episodes on the middle, when they get stranded on a Mars-like planet, but the beginning and the ending of the season are pretty great, specially the final 3 episodes, which are very tense and filled with great action scenes. I don't know why Crapflix decided to release it alongside with the much more hyped The Witcher, since the latter clearly obscured the former. But I really hope they get renewed for season 3, even if it is its final season, because the cliffhanger on the season finale is great! 4/5
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    That's how I feel about the MCU stuff. The Boys felt like the antidote to all that. The first superhero themed entertainment to garner my interest in years.
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    If it could happen, it’d be very sweet to have JW and the LSO do a full Star Wars saga compilation, especially to record concert pieces and other highlights from the Disney trilogy.
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    Imagine if he composed the score for a David Attenborough documentary mini-series. Anyway, I'm very excited about what the 2020's will bring us from Williams!
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    Instead of giving into her fears and calling herself a Skywalker, Rey actually grows as a Jedi and understands the balance that should be maintained. On paper, Rey Solana is already a better character than Abrams' Rey Skywalker/Rey Palpatine. I guess Manichaean dualism will always be an integral part of Star Wars.
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    IIRC the album version is one take all the way through, while the film (and therefore LLL disc 1) version is mostly that same take, but they intercut to a different take for a small section for a performance issue - I just don't remember where
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    The Good Place 4x13 Whenever You're Ready spoiler-free, safe to read: A wonderful finale to a wonderful and unusual american network sitcom. With all the plot out of the way, the entire finale is devoted to giving wonderful endings to the characters we've grown to love over the years, and everyone of them was well-earned and felt right. On top of all that, there was nice very interesting camera work and cool new locations too! If I could complain about anything, it might be that it isn't particularly FUNNY, but I suppose they wisely realized that wasn't the biggest priority here at the end game. It wasn't unfunny per say, but I don't think a reflection on the absolutely funniest moments the show ever had would contain anything from the finale. Basically, despite the first half of the final season bordering on being a waste of time, the final stretch of episodes and the finale in particular more than make up for it, and left me with a good taste in my mouth for the finale season as well as the series as a whole. The show isn't perfect, isn't consistently great from start to finish, but still comes highly recommended. 53 22 minute episodes is well worth it, especially compared against all comedies that came out in the 2010s. SPOILERS!!! For me this ranks pretty highly among the best series finale there are (most series don't have great final episode when you really think about it).
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    Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

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    I've heard outdated sort of through proxy. A lot of people I talk to about film music nowadays, and I'm talking casual listeners here, seem to prefer the, what I call, "Mood and Tone" scores. They lack big and powerful melodies, but excel in providing a general mood and tone for the scene. This is really really the way things are going more recently. About 10 years ago if you asked me at the end of the year what film scores I loved, I'd have a decent sized list, but since then, the list keeps dwindling in size. Like, don't get me wrong, there's plenty of recent scores that have come out that I like and enjoy listening to. I don't love them though or connect with them as deeply. As much as some people seem to dislike Giacchino around here, his Trek scores still had great melody, themes, and motifs, and I connect with them greatly, but even he has sort of fallen off a bit for me. So I guess for most people I talk to, in person, consistently, he's sort of...out of style? Which is sort of like saying he's outdated. I mean I worked as editor on a commercial recently and had Back to the Future in the temp score and it was called "distracting" and I was asked to move towards a more atmospheric and general approach. It wasn't the main melody or anything that would be considered to recognizable, that wasn't the reason. That being said, it was the right call, but I can't help but feel that more and more people are finding themes and melody or even just lush orchestration to be "distracting". It seems in some movies now, the dialog is the "melody" and the film score in a bunch of chords in the background or a repeating ostinato or a very sparse melody. Let's see. Recently, I've liked Stranger Things 3, Mr. Robot, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Dark Crystal (Netflix), Knives Out, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, The Dragon Prince, etc. just to name a few recents in my iTunes purchases. I like them, particularly Dragon Prince out of that bunch. I listen to them, but the last time I really remember a film score having a HUGE impact on me in the theater was 2015 in The Force Awakens. The scene with the cue "The Resistance" So good. I got goosebumps the first time I saw that and even a few rewatches after. I personally want more moments like that in films, where the themes help drive the story and can make GREAT moments like that and really make you feel something. It still happens. I mean we've gotten Star Wars films, How to Train Your Dragon, Good Omens has a great theme, etc. etc. but it's becoming more rare in my opinion. It's not gone, but it's starting to dwindle I feel. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to sound alarmist or make it seem like I think all film music is garbage now or something, but there is certainly a shift happening. So after that long-winded expelling of thoughts...I think when melody, motifs, themes, etc start being considered "distracting" is also the same time that Williams becomes more and more "outdated" to most people. As someone who's composed a couple projects, short films, theatre productions, etc. I always aspire to create themes and motifs for characters and ideas, but feel like I need to lean more atmospheric and general to get selected or have my work used. Idk man. Interesting topic though. Haha. Yes I feel like Zimmer has been one of the driving forces to what I mentioned above. Don't get me wrong, I listen to and like some of his recent music. It's (in some cases) fun to listen to. I'm a sucker for fun "techy" music (for example Escape from the Ship from Man of Steel or tracks from Inception) but I don't really connect with his stuff over the last several years. I enjoy it, but it doesn't make me feel the way I described that I want more film music to make me feel. With a few exceptions, Zimmer's music certainly isn't "distracting" in most of the projects he does.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself; you raise a point which I've been trying to find the words to express lately. It feels like in the 20th century classical music hit a fork in the road (Mahler was one of the key figures to introduce said fork) and went two separate ways: the people who wholly embraced atonality as the ONLY next step for music to go in, and the people who wanted to continue the Romantic tradition (while still dabbling in newer techniques and using atonality like a light seasoning to be employed for great effect/affect). Some examples of the former would be the Mahler pupils and acolytes (Berg, Webern, Schoenberg etc.), and the latter would be figures such as Richard Strauss (post-Mahler's death), Korngold, heck even Sibelius in Finland. It seems like some people were so fascinated by the 12-tone-system that they thought tonality must be done away with entirely, whereas others thought it was an interesting concept and yet still saw value in making music that "sounds good". But in addition to his well-timed use of atonality in otherwise tonal music, Williams is also an interesting figure to me because, like Rachmaninoff in his later years (Piano Concerto No. 4 for instance), he was influenced by jazz in addition to his traditional classical upbringing. The thing that really makes Williams stand out from a lot of other composers, imo, and which makes him feel like this logical "next step" you speak of, is his perfect synthesis of the jazz and classical harmonies and styles. Atonality went away from tonality, but jazz delved further into tonality, venturing into uncharted areas and introducing new ideas of harmonization. It'd be like if Beethoven or Brahms discovered a bunch of new chords, and continued to write melodic, tonally logical music—but now harmonized with a bunch of major 7th chords underneath. Basically what it boils down to is, there was still a wealth of stuff to be explored and accomplished within the tonal system at the time that the 12-tone fanatics jumped ship—which is why someone like Williams feels like a logical "next step"...
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    Yes it is!
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    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    I've made this TFA cover years ago: I can of course try to come up with matching designs for all other episodes, but not today, because I'm about to leave to watch THE RISE OF SKYWALKEEEEEER!!! Oh, but here's a quickie here are two quickies before I'm off:
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    It's obviously a farce, but it was too perfect not to make when you consider how similar the shot is to the LLL release of Saving Private Ryan.
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    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    Continuation of the series... @Pellaeon found a hi-res version of Roger Kastel's "Style A" poster for Empire, and it works quite nicely actually. The same with Kazuhiko Sano's "Style B" for Jedi, I used the half sheet version and extended the sides, I also had to remove an awful watermark right across the center of the poster And added The Rise of Skywalker, though I had to move some characters on the poster:
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    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    Extended the edges of the Rise of Skywalker poster to get a better fit for a 1:1 square. Widened the Mandalorian poster to get a 'grander' feel to the cover.
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