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    Please keep the dick pics to yourself. Thanks.
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    Thank you so much for pointing out this little bit for us. I went back and listened to it and was really impressed that, not only did it catch your ear, but it really is as you descibed. Also it"s a great cue the way it builds at the end, one of my favorites. Thanks again! Trahern
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    Dude, don't worry about TGP. Every so often he descends from Mt. Olympus to grace us with his presence, and to shit marble all over some unsuspecting poster. I've been on the receiving end of his "wisdom" so often, I've stopped caring about what he has to say. The man is arrogant. End of. It seems that other posters (me included) agree with your confusion. The more you respond, the more you provoke him. Don't let it worry you.
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