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  1. Can't make an informed decision here; only heard four of five of these. However, The Forest Battle is an incredible cue.
  2. Oops, what I meant to say was, the Imperial March is a horrible, horrible piece of music, and it isn't disrupting at all to hear it in the first three movies and the last two but not right in the middle, and that the original versions of the film and the 1997 soundtrack are impossible to attain, so if it is added to A New Hope, we'll never hear the music as it was originally intended to be heard again.
  3. I have started doing that recently. In The Return of the King, for example, I'd always notice if the Fellowship theme was played, or the Hobbit theme...the "Moth" theme. I wasn't expecting that brass rendition, but it got my attention right away.
  4. IMO the Imperial March is a more grand and evil theme for the Empire. But emphasis on "IMO." We'll just have to see what Lucas/Williams do with A New Hope.
  5. I didn't not say "altered to fit in with the Prequel Trilogy." Just an improvement of special effects, mostly (see the rest of the paragraph). The Imperial March would be nice in A New Hope as well.
  6. I have never seen the Star Wars films in widescreen (save for a few clips that have appeared in various places). This will be a very interesting experience! I am all for improving the Trilogy, unless we get a bunch of Senate/Jedi Council/Padmé scenes. Reinserting cut scenes, maybe, but filming new ones, no. Except for replacing Clive Revill in The Empire Strikes Back with Ian McDiarmid (although that raises an ethics question; should they replace somebody who is not around to "okay" it?) In terms of special effects, the movies need work, there is no question; the Millennium Falcon in the Cloud City scene doesn't match the Millennium Falcon that lands on the north platform. Some errors in the originals were not corrected (e.g. black lines around the Rancor). And try to make Jabba a little...better. The CG Jabba in Episode I was okay.
  7. I dunno, won't the Yule Ball be source music? Perhaps some kind of "wizard rock." Right on the Cape Cod Canal.
  8. Hi, thanks for the welcome. That theme was what I had in mind when I mentioned "Voldemort's Theme." Misused in Chamber of Secrets? Yes...but it is a very fitting theme for Voldemort. More so than his "official" theme, IMO. Well. It's a nice evil theme. Awesome rendition in "Meeting Tom Riddle"! Okay, here's an idea...keep most of the film completely devoid of it...worry people, make them fear that the theme is no more. THEN, when Professor Trelawney makes her prophecy, reintroduce it at last (in similar fashion to its statement in "Diagon Alley"). Flirt with the theme a little for the rest of the movie, but no grand statements...sort of a foreshadowing effect. Bring it back in full force for Goblet of Fire!
  9. Hedwig's Theme is Harry Potter. But Fawkes the Phoenix is a close second...it represents perfectly the change in tone of the Potter series that begins in The Chamber of Secrets. A more mature theme. However, after a long portion of new music, it is wonderful to hear good ol' Harry's Theme, or the Family Theme. And at the very end, Hedwig's Theme. In fact, I think a crucial music component of the seventh film, if the series lasts that long, is that Hedwig's Theme must play at the very end of the credits. Not Nimbus 2000, but Hedwig's Theme on the celesta. Quietly. Then it fades away...the end. And Voldemort's Theme is spine-tinglingly evil. Oh, they're all good, save for a few mediocrities (Gilderoy Lockhart, Moaning Myrtle). Also, what is the Sorceror's Stone motif?
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