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  1. Well, let's not forget that 'Chinatown' never required 90 minutes of orchestral opulence. The sheer amount of music smells like 8 orchestrators...just like 'Waterworld'.
  2. When Universals publicity machine is rolling over us like a flood wave over the french quarters you will be convinced that this film was necessary. I'm still convinced that nobody should have allowed Peter Jackson this extravaganza. Shores rejection, however, is inane. Whatever JNH pours over it in 2 weeks cannot be anything more than an assembly of random thoughts on the subject...and that comes from someone who likes the JNH of recent years very much, certainly more than Howard Shore. Let's kick the clueless wallstreet men from Hollywood soon!!!
  3. Ahhh, since i'm local i will follow that news closely. I even could get free tickets. So please, don't let it be the usual "Third Man"/""Dr. Zhivago"/"Titanic" concert as it normally plays out.
  4. It does not? That may apply to 'Accidental Tourist' and the likes, but this score is pretty in-your-face.
  5. Of course he does, you just don't know who they are.
  6. blah, blah, blah. It comes down to the fact that some people mind (read: are bored by) the similar patterns, others get all fuzzy and warm inside. @ Joe: i take that disdain with great pride.
  7. Of course. 'The Witches of Eastwick', 'Home Alone' and, above all, 'Hook' which in itself was derivative of the former two.
  8. The supernatural element was rather hokum. One of those virulent films, who have nothing to tell, but treat every movement of story like the second coming. You could really think you saw an important movie after all those melodramatic tricks played on you.
  9. On JWFan perhaps, try rec.arts.prokoviev for a change.
  10. Well, of course they do, they are simpler condensations, so they're easier on the ear.
  11. The first 8 notes are similar...and if that's bothering you, you would be surprised if you listen to Williams 80ies scherzo writing and Prokoviev's 5th Symphony back to back. But it's a tired topic which has a beard thaaaaaaaaaaat long.
  12. Well, good luck with iTunes Europe, then. Around 3% of my collection i can find in the store, apart from that...zilch! I think most people here use eMule and the like a) for all ghastly kinds of porn:) B) rare music for which they would have to search really hard Apart from that, i still think it's a viable (and good) method of showing mega-companies the finger. For instance, i have to pay 18€ for a score album like 'Cinderella Man'. If i take into account that i don't care for 80% of it's content, that's a bit stiff. The industry just hasn't reacted accordingly (and no, i don't mean crying for law enforcement), iTunes, as usually, was a clever idea from The Apple. Not Universal, Sony, Bertelsmann. They thought they could milk the cow forever.
  13. An argument for what? What i stated is called an 'observation', since i never draw any argumentative conclusion. I simply do not know anyone who watched it AND liked it. That's hardly something debatable. Apart from that, it's 'Wedding Crashers' and 'The Day Bobby Ewing died' this week. WC is partly amusing because Vaughn is a big, lecherous, bohemien bear you simply have to like. Wilson isn't bad, but a bit too passive as the surfer dude character, but maybe that's the balance of the film. It's neither overly enlightening nor a very sharp comedy with deeper observations about human nature, but it gets the job done, shows some tits (and lovely ones!) and offers some funny scenes, which never come together as a convincing whole. The second half may have an amusing Will-Ferrell cameo that isn't milked the way it could, but otherwise it's simply a flat conclusion which ruins whatever anarchic fun goes before it. 'Bobby Ewing' is a german film about a hippie community which lives like hermits in the country. In their free time, they demonstrate against the nearby nuclear reactor until a deserted mother arrives with their adolescent son and stir things up. A lot of things happen, the first love of the boy, the bigot people in the village diss them and so on... but finally, on the day when TV runs the 'Dallas' episode with Bobby Ewing dying, the 'Tchernobyl' disaster happens and everything changes. It's a good film, made with a lot of passion and maybe because of that, the humor suffers. Like a lot of these coming-of-age films you feel a certain nostalgia, but may miss some more zany behaviour of the human race. The hippies again are too passive too be much fun. And the film has two love scene/song montages too many. When will filmmakers learn that you have to find a healthy dose of everything and not ramming sensitivity down the audiences throat by overstating things?
  14. How about 'there's not one original idea in the movie, neither aesthetic nor storywise.". For a science fiction film, that's kind of a bankruptcy declaration..... for a year when 'Episode 3' is celebrated as good movie among most fans it seems enough for a blockbuster, however. Spielberg is no wizard, far from it. Without a convincing script by other people, he's as lost as any Michael Bay. He's an excellent technician and an old pro. But i'm an old pro, myself, at least concerning movies, so i have seen a lot of them. And for me it's hard to understand what EXACTLY makes this film so watchable. I haven't heard a satisfactory explanantion, either.
  15. Don't worry, i'm wondering too why people become so enarmored with a seriously flawed movie like this. And i didn't met one of my age group who liked it, either. In Germany, that is. Some really well made sequences do not amount to good filmmaking. It's too derivative of other films and all these little shocks people apparently found scary i've seen in countless genre films before. The second half really wasn't up to the potential of the first half hour.
  16. I have to confess that i quite liked 'Nashville' and 'SHort Cuts'. I even bought RC-1 DVD's!
  17. Really? Only 'Caddyshack' for me in the last two weeks. Murray and Chase have a field day, but the german dub is so silly, you don't know if you should LOL or turn the sound off in disgust. There are, however, some Chase/Murray jokes made even raunchier by the synchro and in the right mood 8O , it can be fun, sort of.
  18. Williams: The Early Days (Bot4oJ) Holiday Flight (Home Alone) In Orbit (Spacecamp) Non: The Crocodiles (King Solomon's Mines/Jerry) Titoli di Testa (Resa dei Conti, Morricone) Love Scene (El Cid, Rozsa) Greek Fire (Timeline/Jerry) The Rape (Casualties of War/Morricone) Painting (Agony and Ecstacy/North) The Explanation (The Claim/Nyman)
  19. Once again, if ALL of the unreleased bits sound great, i'm willing to trade for numerous other rare Goldsmith/Williams etc. Heck, i'm even willing to trade 4 titles for it!
  20. Dracula Jaws Jaws 2 and, strangely enough, 'Hook', a score i find rather childish, but maybe because it's exactly of this playfulness i remember so many moments from it.
  21. That's all good and well, but this discussion is still rather academic, since Williams albums ARE long most of the time, so you really can't complain that my philosophy robs you of your listening pleasure. I freely admit that i don't have the time or interest to wade through hours of music to decide which of the 45 cues of a given score i want, that's all. Of course i'm pissed if a favourite cue isn't there...that was especially virulent in the mid-90s, when every Goldsmith/Varése release seemed to leave out great action cues in lieu of lots of bridging material (Chain Reaction, anyone?), but i've mellowed over the years and accepted that there is so much more music out there to discover. So finally, the question is: does someone really have the complete 'Air Force One' score in great sound?
  22. Believe it or not, some people can live with less music, when it results in better albums... Truth to be told, since i listen mostly through my iPod, i edit the albums to my preference anyway. And when i converted scores like 'Terminal' to mp.3, i simply found a lot of it redundant, adding nothing new but repeating very similar chunks of music ad verbatim. Is there any ingenious variation on Navorski's theme? Not really, it's simply repeated 6 or 7 times with different tempi. But i agree, if there's demand for 60 minute comedy scores, by no means, release it...
  23. Re: '7 Years in Tibet': As far as i'm concerned, only 'Peter's Rescue' and 'The Invasion' stand out...the rest mostly utilizes the main themes in not-too-different guises. There are numerous tracks which could be deleted for a better musical flow.
  24. The problem of the '7 Years in Tibet' album isn't 'unbalancedness' - it's repetitive, like all of these Williams albums (Angela's Ashes, which is superb, Accidental Tourist, Terminal etc.). Once you're past the first 4 tracks, there isn't much else to discover. And that's something i never quite understood...why would Williams, apt musician he is, allow these overlong CD's which all could be shortened to 40 minutes without missing a beat? And Morlock, i only can urge you to discover more Morricone, as he is Zimmer's self-proclaimed model. There's some inventive stuff to try, from 'La Resa dei Conti' to 'The Clan of the Sicilians' or 'Citta Violenta'. I know that a lot of people reduce him to mere american stuff like 'The Mission' but he wrote shitloads of score, ranging from 60s groove (Danger Diabolik, Scusi facciamo L'amore?) to psychedelic 70s stuff (Dario Argento stuff), straight romance (The Maestro and Margherita) and so on and on and on. There's much more to discover in Ennio's sleeve than in every Cubase-ridden Mac of the Zimmer factory.
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