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  1. Mark Olivarez and Greta (Saxbabe). It's known to most here that Mark and I have become good friends outside the internet, we try to get together once a year or so. I'll be heading to his place Labor Day weekend to help him and his lovely wife celebrate their 10th anniversary. Git did get to go to a Giacchino-conducted concert in Dallas a couple of weeks ago without me though.... I remember there was another JWFanner who went to the Ft. Worth rehearsal that Mark and I met John Williams at in 2010, but for the life of me I can't remember who it was. We didn't actually meet but going by the description I thought I had seen him. Who was it?...
  2. Williams' Superman is a seminal masterpiece. Ottman's Superman Returns is the definition of mediocrity. There is no comparison.
  3. Star Wars Day? Has the board been reprogrammed again? A New Hope Hm, guess not.
  4. There's a theme in Emperor's Tomb that sounds a lot like the motif from Fast Streets of Shanghai in ToD. I'm not sure if it's a deliberate quote or not but sure sounds like it.
  5. Quoted for truth. I've had very, very short stints watching both Simpsons and Family Guy, I quickly tired of both. But I'm always coming back to South Park. This last run was great.
  6. AFC Champions, They got killed by the 49ers in the Super Bowl. Er, maybe not the right metaphor. Still, it's crazy how so many members of that team are no longer with us. Football is starting to look like pro wrestling in the high number of young, sudden deaths. They do similar things to their bodies.
  7. I've felt that way about some other Goldsmiths I've picked up over the years (not Gremlins). But recently I listened through my whole collection, and even in the ones I never enjoyed all that much I found new worth in. One or two have even worked their way up to regular listening status. EDIT- Of course I'm right, Jay!
  8. Is the level of message board discussion really proportionate to how much people enjoy the release? I don't think so, personally, and don't see it as a very big deal. Plus, it's human nature to spend more time talking about what we don't have, or what we're looking forward to or expecting, than what we already have in our hands.
  9. I think both of those are just due to the nature that these types of releases aren't really new anymore, they're now the norm. Great music and great releases to be sure, but ones that we've come to expect now.
  10. Great music indeed. And Twilight Princess is even greater IMO.
  11. Masada is fantastic. The main theme is one of Jerry's best. I still need to pick up The Great Train Robbery and The Sand Pebbles from Intrada.
  12. I'm listening to Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb for the first time in a long while. Any fan of Williams' Indy scores needs to get this. It's probably a better Indy score than the last Indy score.
  13. This instantly became one of my favorite Goldsmiths as soon as I listened to it for the first time, I hardly knew anything about it beforehand. I remember posting on FB on my second or third listen, asking just what in the hell Jerry did to those cats to make them make those sounds they made.
  14. I rented Arkham City for PS3 last fall and played about a quarter of the main story, I really enjoyed it. I had to stop myself and take it back early to save most of the game for when I did buy it. I had the same problem you had with my gifted Steam copy of Fable III. I did eventually get it to work, but it ran so bad on my current emergency cheap replacement video card I put it aside until I upgrade. Love the avatar by the way, Woj.
  15. I still need to get Mass Effect 3 and Arkham City. Think I'm going to give Journey a go at some point too.
  16. Portal 2 is one of the most singularly perfect games I've ever played. I'd highly recommend giving it another shot too, but if you have orientation problems I'd certainly understand passing on it. It isn't easy at the best of times to be flinging up and down between two portals on the floor trying to find the right spot to aim to stick another one at the best of times. And speaking of Portal 2... I can't wait. I bought The Witcher: Enhanced Edition on sale at GOG.com, been wanting to check it out forever. Unfortunately I'm having some hardware issues with my computer and can't play anything much beyond the most basic games right now. Fable III (a Steam purchased Christmas gift) is also on the waiting list. Right now I'm replaying Final Fantasy XIII, and still loving every minute of it. It really is one of my favorite Final Fantasys ever.
  17. In the last week: The Cabin in the Woods- I'm not a horror aficionado, but I am a huge Joss Whedon fanboy, and I was thoroughly satisfied. Big congrats to Whedon/JJ Abrams protoge Drew Goddard, who actually directed it, for nailing his first feature. Mission Impossibe IV- Eh. Kick ass Giacchino score. The movie was in parts engaging, in parts tedious. The whole Kremlin sequence was good, and the double impersonation meetings in the Dubai hotel was extremely well done. Simon Pegg remains one of the most entertaining men in the world, no matter what he's doing.
  18. Ever since high school Patton has been one of my hands down, all time favorite films. One of the greatest biopics and war films ever made. The score is also one of my favorite Goldsmiths. Easy winner on both questions.
  19. John Takis has just posted on Facebook that Joel Goldsmith has gone to join his father....There is also a thread on FSM confirming it: http://www.filmscore...mID=1&archive=0 I'm in shock. That this would happen right after the wonderful complete release of First Contact, which he had a huge hand in making so great...
  20. I used to play Tomb Raider on the PS1 when I was a young laddie. I love to find my way through labyrinths and pyramids. I think I must've been a pharaoh in a previous life. Journey is the first game that appeals to me since first generation Lara Croft. I kid you not, this game is really beautiful. I hate those games with character interaction, yikes! The Elder Scrolls? Could've been good, but by god, all that dialogue! You ever try anything in the Myst series Alex? All exploration and puzzle solving, with minimal to no character interaction.
  21. Well, just when you think you know it all, there's more to learn . I thought I knew EVERYTHING about Python, yet I had no idea this existed. Thanks James!
  22. Thanks Jason. I really, really, really don't want to do any editing but at least I can make a playlist that's approximate enough. John- contemplating unburying the old music editor from underneath vast amounts of accumulated digital dust
  23. There's a story on one of the Who DVD releases of Ian Levine saving The Daleks (yes, the original 1963 Dalek story, Who's second story ever) from destruction. They were taped, marked, and ready to go, and he saw them, recognized, and managed to save them. I can't imagine any of the Python eps being lost. What torture it would be to have one or two missing. They'd be legend!
  24. If I remember right he and Justin did live in a similar part of the country.
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