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  1. He's barely ever on Facebook anymore either. He's reached Justin levels of vanishing.
  2. A glorious problem to have. Indeed. Still, it's frustrating, if only because I want EVERYTHING I want ASAP. It'll all happen eventually.
  3. I might check this out. Put it on the list of other "non-first day purchases" I've currently got backlogged because of all the definite first day purchases that have been slamming us lately.
  4. I for one wouldn't expect Mark back fully anytime soon. He's been very content to walk away from it all.
  5. By Grathbar's Hammer! I'd love a complete Serenity.
  6. Galaxy Quest! Fantastic score, and never officially released. I'll be picking that up for sure.
  7. I'm sure it will be. I wish we knew how limited it was. If I had to guess... "Limited to the number they can sell." Heh, that's exactly what I was thinking too.
  8. SAE has some of the older GNP Trek releases so I'd think it would be on there eventually.
  9. Film: Star Trek. Score: Star Wars. Next favorite in film would probably be LotR, with Trek and LotR runners up for score.
  10. You should have it by the end of the week, especially presuming that you live further east than I do (most of Texas does).
  11. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/angry-video-screwattack/712508 The Hook section starts at about 6:50. (Yes I know, that's the NES version)
  12. I discovered Who in my early teen years (early to mid 90s) thanks to PBS, but my local at the time station (NHPTV) was one of the most dedicated Who stations in the whole country. And Woj is right, Who has never been bigger in the US than it is right now. The new companion announcement was one of the top entertainment links on CNN the day it came out. And I'm with Steef, I don't see rampant Americanization either. Certainly not like, say, the TV movie. Now THAT was Americanized.
  13. With luck and no post office frak ups I'll have mine by the end of the week.
  14. Those guys are working their asses off right now! They're gonna be ready to drop once the day is over, but it's all worth it.
  15. Damn! Shipping already! No, just caring to think about other people besides myself. But I've said my peace.
  16. Been listening to my new copy of John Carter during all the Hook fun. Another home run for Giacchino, who's really been on a "peak career" roll the last 4-5 years.
  17. The old OST cover was always one of my favorites. Like Karol said, simple is sometimes the best.
  18. So? That's what every dealer does, isn't it? And 2 copies, boohoo! No biggie. There will be guys who will be buying 20 copies just to make a few bucks on ebay. And that's messed up too. Unless you're buying for a friend that can't be sure to get one before they sell out, I see no need to get multiple copies for yourself. That's just screwing someone else out of one.
  19. Buying a "backup" copy for yourself when there's sure to be a good amount of people to be missing out on this or forced to buy on EBay for ungodly prices seems awfully selfish if you ask me.
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